Propagation Models and Free Internet

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Propagation Models and Free Internet

Course UNIK4700, UNIK9700
Title Propagation Models and Free Internet
Lecture date 2015/10/29 0915-1530, room 402
presented by Josef Noll
Objective This lectures deals with
  • review of propagation characteristics
  • Cost 231 models
Learning outcomes having joined the lecture, you will
  • be able to explain the basic features of mobile propagation
  • have converted the free space equation into dB
  • know typical dB values for propagation at 1, 2 or 5 GHz
  • know where to find updated propagation models (which part of Cost 231)
  • Understand the challenges in "free access to web information"
Pensum (read before)
References (further info) See: lectures on Propagation for fading, interference,
Keywords Radio channel models, Fading, Interference, Capacity, Future Internet,, Cost 231, Propagation Models, Propagation equation

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Lecture Notes and Presentations

for 29Oct

  • Slobodan: (I) calculation of receive power and (II) Shannon capacity values
  • Marshed: short presentation of paper
  • Josef to ask Pedro to present AirTies meas
  • agree on 2nd topic
  • (Basic Internet) presentation


09:15 recall last lecture
09:30 Slobodan - Receive power for mobile communications, and Shannon capacity values
10:15 break
10:30 Marshed - Paper presentation
11:15 discussion
11:30 lunsj
12:15 Introduction to challenges of WLAN in the home
12:45 Break
13:00 Keynote: Managed Wifi Access
13:45 Discussion
14:00 end of colloquium
14:15 Basic Internet principles
14:45 Assignments for new work
15:15 end of lecture block