Individual review/Oral exam


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Individual review/Oral exam

Course UNIK4710, UNIK9710
Title Individual review/Oral exam
Lecture date 2015/05/29
presented by Josef Noll, Seraj Fayyad
Objective Based on the grade from your deliverables in the course, you will have the opportunity to either ask for an oral exam or just for a course review.
Learning outcomes The personal talk will help you to address all open topics
Pensum (read before) Go through the Lecture outcomes from each lecture, and see if you have understood
References (further info)
Keywords Exam

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Time Schedule for Presentation of own results

30 min each, recommended 20 +/- slides

Focus of your presentation

  • Scenario - what is the service I want to provide
  • Detailed use case: what to I want to show
  • Knowledge representation
  • Query/reasoning capabilities and results
  • Programming API
  • Programm functionality and implementation
  • Results (Screenshots of important parts)
  • Own evaluation
  • novel capabilities

Note: Those who don't have a focus on programming should provide a detailed "app design" (functionality design) of their application