UNIK9710 - Selected Topics in Mobile Service Delivery

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UNIK9710 - Selected Topics in Mobile Service Delivery
The course was given until 2015, and is replaced by UNIK9750 by

Keywords Semantic Technologies, Semantics, Protege, Context, context-awareness, Movement, Web3.0, Profiles, Preferences, Personalisation
Research Area(s) Radio technology, Security
Type of course PhD

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This course links the mobile and the Internet world together. It creates services based on user preferences and context information. The objective of the course is to analyze and discuss specific topics in service delivery on mobile devices. The course will introduce semantic technologies as the glue for interconnecting services, user preferences and context information. While the Internet service world is moving towards a semantic service oriented architecture (SOA), mobile services are often considered as stand-alone services.

The highly varying radio interface of a mobile device, together with the limitations in user interface, battery power and processor capability makes it necessary to establish new concepts for mobile service delivery. Our focus is to bring context-awareness and user preferences into the decision making algorithms.

Learning outcomes

What are you going to learn:

  • Collect publications for personalised service and context-aware services.
  • Identify the key-features of personalised and context-aware services
  • Tabulate the requirements for such services
  • Describe the difference between an Internet service, a mobile service and a proximity service
  • Present specific knowledge based on collected publications
  • Identify semantic technologies for description of the user and his context
  • Describe the difference between ontologies and rules
  • Establish interworking of ontologies created by members of the course
  • Construct rules to define the context of the user
  • Apply rules on top of ontologies to enhance knowledge
  • Produce examples of context-aware services
  • Evaluate the functionality of context-aware service examples


  • Principles of service oriented architecture and semantic service delivery
  • Protocols for service delivery in wireless radio networks
  • Approaches for mobile and proximity service inclusion in a semantic SOA environment
  • Practical experiences in building ontologies for user preferences, context description and service capability description

After the course, you will have gained an understanding of the state-of-the-art research in the area of mobile semantic service delivery. The compulsory tasks will will help the participants to improve scientific reading and presentation capabilities and programming expertise.

Lectures overview

 DateThis property is a special property in this wiki.
Individual review/Oral exam29 May 2015
Policies and Semantic Web Rules in Practise17 April 2015
Prepare for Reasoning with SWRL3 April 2015
Mid-term evaluation27 March 2015
Tutorial Web Protege20 March 2015
Context-aware Scenarios III13 March 2015
Context-aware Scenarios part II13 February 2015
Basics of Semantics6 February 2015
Hand's on experience with Ontologies6 February 2015
Context-aware Scenarios30 January 2015
UNIK4710-Introduction23 January 2015
Ideas for context-aware developments23 January 2015
Develop Semantic Application9 May 2014
API comparison: Protege, OWL and SPARQL25 April 2014
Applying SWRL, DL Query and SPARQL to your ontology23 April 2014
Easter holidays :-)18 April 2014
Easter holidays11 April 2014
UNIK4710 UNIK9710 Block Seminar20 March 2014
Self study: Draw ontologies and rules26 February 2014

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Lecture and Material from earlier years

Earlier Lectures

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UNIK4710-Project Presentations-201324 May 2013
Public Holidays17 May 2013
Rehearsal of lectures10 May 2013
Implementation Semantic Application3 May 2013
Applying protege OWL API19 April 2013
Comparison of Pellets, FaCT and HermiT12 April 2013
Pellets-based reasoning5 April 2013
Running SWRL rules on your ontology8 March 2013
Modelling your own ontology - 201315 February 2013
Project Presentation18 May 2012
Project Presentations - 111 May 2012
Rehearsel of lectures - learning outcomes4 May 2012
Pellets-based reasoning II12 April 2012
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