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Introducing an approach for measuring security level in Smart Grid

by Raul Khaydarshin
Supervisor(s) Seraj Fayyad, Josef Noll
Due date 2017/06/13
Status Finished
Problem description: The final Thesis document

Embedded System (ES) becomes increasingly popular in modern times. This popularity increases the importance of the security for these systems. The reliable evaluation of the ES`s security is considered as a crucial requirement for the enhancement of its security. The evaluation of the security level for a given ES has various challenges, such as the heterogeneity among system`s components. One of the promising approaches, which considered these challenges is Multi Metrics (MM) approach. In his/her thesis, the student will investigated the applicability of MM approach on real ES use case, such as smart meter system. In his investigation, the student will identify the security level of the system and will identify the possible changes which could impact the security level of the system.

Methods and Tools: The tools and methods in this thesis are based on
  • A set of scenario, describing the challenges
  • A list of requirements being extracted from the scenarios
  • A description and evaluation of technologies and tools being candidates for solutions
  • A functional architecture/description of the envisaged system
  • An implementation of the core concepts
  • A demonstration of the solution
  • An evaluation of the solution, including a critical review of the descisions taken earlier
  • Conclusions
  • References
Time schedule The envisaged time schedule (for 4 month thesis/30 ECTS) is:
T0 0 starting month, T0+m denotes the month where the contribution to a certain chapter shalle be finalized
T0+2 months: create an initial page describing the scenario
T0+3: Provide a list of technologies which you think are necessary for the thesis
T0+4: Establish the table of content (TOC) of the envisaged thesis. Each section shall contain 3-10 keywords describing the content of that section
T0+7: Provide a draft of section 2 (scenario) and 3 (technologies)
T0+10: Establish a draft on what to implement/architecture
T0+11: Set-up an implementation, testing and evaluation plan
T0+15: Evaluate your solution based on a set of parameters, keep in mind there is no such thing as a free lunch
T0+17: Deliver the thesis
Pre-Knowledge This thesis includes a reasonable amount of IT security terminologies. Thus it is expected that the student has a good knowledge IT security, preferably to have also basic knowledge in J2EE and java script.
Approved Pending by
Keywords IoTSec, SCOTT

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The thesis is delivered. Please download from Thesis Raul Khaydarshin (.pdf)