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Pending points to approvals of Master Theses. See Property:Approved

5G Network Slicing for Free Access to InformationN.n.Pending
A decentralised Internet for local EmpowermentN.n.Pending
A more secure Internet through Internet LiteN.n.Pending
Access and improve optical sensors for vehicle navigationJoar OldernesPending
Access to Digital Public GoodsN.n.Pending
Achieving Business Objectives through Smart Sensor Integration for Office BuildingsDmitry FilosofovPending
Analysis and Standards for the Information-InternetVlorjan BadallajPending
Analysis of Data Structures on the Ethereum BlockchainPending
Analysis of Proxy services for an Information-InternetN.n.Pending
Applying Microsoft Security for Home Energy SteeringN.n.Pending
Assessment of Measurable Privacy for IoT Consumer ProductsChristoffer Ramsvig ThambirajahPending
Attribute-based policy specification and enforcementN.n.Pending
Battery-supported charging infrastructure for energy distribution gridsKasper StrindbergPending
Building an Attack Simulator on the Electric Grid InfrastructureN.n.Pending
Context aware systemsN.n.Pending
Education and Health through InfoInternetN.n.Pending
Efficient SOAP messaging for AndroidDag Ove EggumPending
Elaborating and implementing http2 standards for server-side compressionN.n.Pending
Empower the uptake of renewable energy in AfricaShahir Tahir
Jonathan Muringani
Energy Consumption Database for the Digital Transformation (2/7)N.n.Pending
Establish the AI infrastructure for analysis of the electricity data (3/7)N.n.Pending
Establish the low-power monitoring infrastructure in the home (1/7)N.n.Pending
Evaluation and Improvement of technologies for CCTVN.n.Pending
Evaluation of the Component`s Interconnection Impact on the System SecurityN.n.Pending
Ideal Listening Reduction Mechanisms for overprovisioned Cells in 6TiSCHMathias UtgårdPending
Innovation for All Based on Free Information AccessWisam Ahmed MansourPending
Integrating Energy Devices through BasicInternetSyead Nusrat NurPending
Master:Nettverksteknologi og SikkerhetAnders GaustadPending
Master:Network and network securityFredrik KvistPending
Measurable Security for Sensor Communication in the Internet of ThingsSarah TariqPending
Mobile Edge ComputingN.n.Pending
Monitoring the home energy distribution - Feature extraction through AI (4/7)N.n.Pending
Multi Metrics Based FrameworkRaul KhaydarshinPending
Multi-level security on mobile devicesBjørn Hartviksen-OksholenPending
Network-aware traffic shapingN.n.Pending
Novel Services through Consumption MonitoringN.n.Pending
Open Source modular Village Information SpotN.n.Pending
Policies for Software Defined NetworksErik Guddahl TollefsenPending
Potential of contributions from private homes to energy stability (5/7)N.n.Pending
Privacy violation through improper handling of electronic wasteN.n.Pending
Prosumers for the future smart electricity gridN.n.Pending
Remote Configuration of Communication Infrastructure for Developing EconomiesN.n.Pending
Risk Assessment tool analysis for Industrial Automation and Control SystemsN.n.Pending
Risk-based Adaptive Security for Internet of Things in Smart HomeMattias GebriePending
Secure InterNetwork ArchitectureN.n.Pending
Secure communicationN.n.Pending
Security Analysis of the Basic InternetRatish MohanPending
Security LibraryN.n.Pending
Security and privacy assessment of wireless in-house control systems for energy appliances (7/7)N.n.Pending
Security challenges of open low-capacity wifi accessNaji Ahmed KadahPending
... further results