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001 +This is a demo. Click on "Edit with Form" and then "Add a Response" to see multi form at work  +
002 +I'd like to see the footer (example: [[MediaWiki:Hf-nsfooter-IoTSec]]) being combined with the semantic mediawiki footer  +
003 +* I got "User" and "Issue Status" working, but not "Creation date" (Creation_date?) * And if possible, show the Screenshot as "picture" for the uploaded file * can you explain me the use of "Issue Status = Status" which you used in forms?  +
004 +Hide header and footer when including pages in regular web pages.  +
005 +We have defined the Category:Keywords, where keywords to various topics are listed. I'd like to relate the keywords to each other, like in a Category Tree, but first need to have a "same as" or "similar to" expression. Example: "[[GSM]]" and "[[2G]]" are two words for the same mobile standard, but currently separated. I would treat them as "similar to". Now: A user wants to search all "lectures, courses, thesis, people" for "2G" knowledge. He would find [[2G]] (currently no entry), but should have been redirected to "GSM", where people. lectures and thesis related to the topic are presented  +
006 +I'd like to build up pages where some "semantic information" comes first, then I'll have space for free text input, and then the rest of "semantic information". Taking the user page, like Josef Noll. I'd like to have * name, contact info, picture, and tag cloud first * The the free input, e.g. About, references... * Then information like project leadership, participation in meeting, Currenlty the page is define through [[Template:User]], where a lot of semantic queries are added. All of these queries are shown prior to the information "About the user".  +
007 +The current home pages of users are really awfull. Can we update to a better representation? As we soon will be a part of the University of Oslo, I would suggest following their "overall" style. I would suggest to start with a design on I would also like to create an automatic 2nd page, e.g. Josef_Noll/Involvement, which contains all activities, like: Thesis being offered, Action Items, Meetings (similar to what is now on "Other activities") on User:Josef.Noll Reason for this second page is that it collects action items from all activities and present them to the users.  +
008 +In we have an "create Action Item" form. Is there a chance that the "responsible" for that action item are informed by email when such an Action Item is created?  +
009 +Hei Neill, could you jump into our praia:/var/www/mediawiki.../skins and create a CSM skin based on the existing SAT skin? I convinced my folks that the [[CSM:Home]] is a much better way of sustainability as the site Thus, I need to upgrade the skin... and you are so effective in doing so. PS: I used the skin "sat" for the [[CSM:Home]], and "csm" for the talk pages. Just to give you a chance to test  +
010 +We'd like to add reporting about the advances in, [[Special:FormEdit/Quarterly_Report]] <br /> The typical reporting scheme shall have a "dropdown" menu for : a) organisation : b) quarter (Q1.2016, Q2.2016, ...) : c) task The main challenge is to have "add another task" to your report. The structure is as follows: I go to reporting, select my organisation, select the quarter I would like to report on, and then select 1. task, provide a progress report (text box), then add another task, provide progress,...., until I "submit my report". The outcome is then a quarterly report from all partners, see [[IoTAdmin:Q1.2016-UiO]] as example : Q1.2016 : UiO has ....  +
011 +I'd like to add a specific favicon.ico to each of the "skins". I would expect that the place to add the $wgFavicon = "$wgScriptPath/GP_Icon/favicon.ico"; is in the Skin definition, being ./skins/BIF.php or GRAVID.php However, I don't see a change of the icon, it's always the BIF icon being used. The icons are in: * ../BI_Icon/favicon.ico * ../GP_Icon/favicon.ico (had tried previously a link in the ./namespaces.php, but then only the "last mentioned icon" was used)  +
012 +We would like to be able to list our publications from external pages. E.g. all my papers are on  +
013 +When using a form to create a meeting, the autocomplete does not work. Normal operation for e.g. people assumes that typing "Jo" will provide "Josef Noll" and others who fit. Same for other fields, like projects. Assumption is that the error occurs with a normal Ubuntu update  +
014 +We currently (Jan2017) have MediaWiki 1.23 and Semantic MediaWiki 2.0. I expect that some of the problems come from outdated versions, and thus suggest to update to "stable versions" .  +
015 +UNIK has become the "Department for Technology Systems". Thus the wiki should represent the UiO design, given at Meaning: * the new logo should be the UiO logo * background of the header is black * lighter gray for the Navbar * (and, if you can, top line with the current page name) My suggestion is to use the ITS.php skin on, being a modified copy from the GRAVID.php skin  +
016 +When I have a picture uploaded as File:P-vaktene2016.png , and then update the picture ("upload new version"), still the old version is shown.  +
017 +test slack as communication form for communication linked to wiki  +
018 +We have a list of action items in IoTSec - [[IoTSec:ActionItems]] What I would like to see is an "icon" allowing me to "close" the action item (toggle between open and close - or whatever solution)  +
019 +Dear Maghsoud, please install Semantic_Cite, and add to the site. The advantage of Semantic Cite is that we can use "bibtex" and a citing across the whole wiki, making references much better available.  +
020 +we would like to have letsencrypt certificates for - and - thus, let's encrypt need to be established, and /etc/nginx/sites-available/default needs to be updated  +
021 +We have established the Form: and Template:Presentation to upload Presentations to meetings. An example is giving in, where a "add presentation" button is given. Now, given a presentation on a given day, I would like to automatically list all the presentations given. However, my ask (on the same page) fails to show me a) Presenter, b) Title ("the page") and c) File:... or Media:....pdf link to the files directly I have uploaded one Presentation:, though don't see Presenter, Title, and File. - Can you check what I did wrong?  +
022 +I would like to extend the company page (Template:Partner) with the photos of the employees. E.g. UiO, where we have a bullet list with people (resulting from an ask). Pictures of people are posted as Prename_Name.jpg, e.g. Josef_Noll.jpg Now I'd like to see the list of people with their images  +
023 +I would like to use the syntax "[[Template:Contribution]] with Partner; has PM; Contribution" to identify the contribution of partners in a Workpackage. Examples are UiO and Telenor in [[SCOTT:WP5]] and UiO and EyeSaas in [[SCOTT:WP6]]. Through the Template:Contribution I introduced the "#has subobject", which I then want to query in [[SCOTT:Testing_contribution]]. However, I only get all "Partners", all Contributions and all "has PM", not the specific contribution per partner. What I would like to see is an ask giving me either the PM for a specific partner, or the contribution of a specific partner, e.g. UiO has 0 PM in WP5, 2 PM in WP6,...  +
024 +New skin for Caritas Kinderdorf (based on BIF). My suggestion is to use grey for "header", and the logo from Caritas Bottrop If that logo is too big, then you can just use the red Caritas logo  +
025 +The Norwegian government requires a "reading help" for all web pages. If you find time, can you add the "scaled AAA" to the Wiki  +
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