Strategic Workshop 2019


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Strategic Workshop 2019

Title Strategic Workshop 2019
Place HM_Jaime_III@Palma
Date, Time 2019/05/13, -15May2019
Contact Person Ramjee Prasad
Participants Josef.Noll
related to Project BasicInternet
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Twenty-Second Strategic Workshop (SW’19) May 13-15, 2019

HM JAIME III Horrech Moya Hotels S.L.
Passeig de Mallorca, 14 B, 07012 Palma, Illes Balears, Spagna (Spain) Phone: +34 971 725 943


Digital technologies are reshaping the cities from the original to a virtual world. Digitalization or digital transformation is the focal priority of the present & future agenda or policies within the national and international platform. The inherent and forthcoming challenge of the 21st century is to high-grade people way of living in cities, and the idea of digitalization & urbanization is inaugurating an innovative horizon for sustainable infrastructure and stable economic development for the global cities. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), big data analytics and internet of things (IoT) are impersonating a floor for intelligent data generation to manage long terms settlements, planning and sustainable infrastructure for digital business and smart cities following initiatives. Global cities digitalization is also putting some new humane questions, and dilemmas concerning privacy, safety and security. There is a need for a clearer vision at the global level for the development of healthy competition throughout the cities of the globe which require the real potential of urbanization to experience shared accomplishment and exterminate poverty. The critical barrier here is to see for a collective negotiation among stakeholders, local population and business associations for developing transparency in policies, communication and mutual partnerships.


Monday 13May2019

20:00h Get together Dinner

Tuesday 14May2019

09:00 Welcome And Introduction:

Ramjee Prasad, Cgc, Aarhus University, Denmark
Marina Ruggieri, Ctif-Italy, University Of Roma ‘‘Tor Vergata’’, Italy.

09:20-11:20 Session I; Gcd Concept: Vision & Smart Innovation

Session Chair: Ingrid Moerman, Imec/Ghent University, Belgium
Digitizing Aveiro: An Initiative Across Multiple Stakeholders To City Development - Rui Aguiar, University Of Aveiro, Portugal
Future Of Cities – A Bell Labs Perspective - Doru Calin, Bell Labs Fellow, USA
Empowering The Rurban For Sustainable Growth - Josef Noll, UiO/ITS & Basic Internet Foundation, Norway
Inter-Data Repository Network In Global Cities - Bhawani Shanker Chowdhry, Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan
Cities Digitization And Innovations - Uday B. Desai, Indian Institute Of Technology, Hyderabad, India
11:20 Coffee Break
11:40-13:40 Session Ii: Gcd: Digital Business Models For Smart Cities
Session Chair: Egon Schulz, Huawei, Germany
Advanced Multi Business Model Innovation In A World Of Smart Cities - Peter Lindgren, Cgc, Aarhus University, Denmark
From The Internet Of Things To The Social Innovation And The Economy Of Data - Luis Sanchez, University Of Cantabria, Spain
Socio-Economic Considerations Of The Digitalization Strategies Of World Cities -

Javier Poncela, University Of Malaga, Spain

How Health Care System Is Changing In This Digital Age & Smart Cities - Sadia Anwar, CGC, Aarhus University, Denmark
The Future Role Of Business Model Innovation In A World With Digitalization And Global Connected Smart Cities - Per Valter, CGC, Aarhus University, Denmark

13:40 Lunch

14:30 Panel Discussion I; Gcd: Technological Platform Paradigm & Global Partnerships
Moderator: Liljana Gavrilovska, Universityinskopje Macedonia
Paulo Pereira Monteiro, University Of Aveiro, Portugal
Ingrid Moerman, Imec-Ghent, University, Belgium
Geir M. Køien, University Of Agder, Norway
Peter Lindgren, Cgc, Aarhus University, Denmark
Muhammad Aamir, Sir Syed University Of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan
Mari Carmen, University Of Malaga, Spain

16:30-17:00 Coffee Break

17:00 Surprise Sight Seeing
20:00 Gala Dinner: Venue: Aromata By Andreu Genestra, Carrer De La Concepció, 12, 07012 Palma.

Wednesday, 15May2019

Session III; GCD: Security, Policies & Safety Standards

Session Chair: Muhammad Aslam Uqaili, Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan
Towards Antifragile Security Architecture Designs - Geir M. Køien, University Of Agder, Norway
Micro Operator Model For A Digital Campus - Risto Jurva, University Of Oulu, Finland
Co-Tier Uplink Power Control In Small Cell Networks By Stackelberg Game With Two-Way Pricing Mechanism - Chih-Cheng Tseng (Sisi), National Ilan University, Taiwan
Smart Cities Challenges And Opportunities, From Edge Sensors To Cloud Services - Laurent Herault, Leti Technological Research Institute, France
Retiot- Reflectometry Technologies To Enhance The Future Internet Of Things And CPS - Paulo Pereira Monteiro, University Of Aveiro, Portugal
11.00-11:20 Coffee Break
11:20-13:20 Panel Discussion II; GCD: Future Global Strategies & Project - Proposal Discussions
Moderator: Josef Noll, UiO & BasicInternet, Norway
Laurent Herault, Leti Technological Research Institute, France
Risto Jurva, University Of Oulu, Finland
Doru Calin, Bell Labs Fellow, Usa
Liljana Gavrilovska, University In Skopje, Macedonia
Uday B. Desai, Indian Institute Of Technology, Hyderabad, India
13:20-13:40- Concluding Remarks: Ramjee Prasad, CGC, Aarhus University, Herning, Denmark.
13.40-14.30 Lunch & Departure

 PresenterPresentation FileEvent
Empowering the RUrban for Sustainable Growth 2019/05/13Josef NollClick to OpenStrategic Workshop 2019

Panel on Project Opportunities

Funding opportunities today: Where are the funds?

  • National Funds
  • Bilateral Funds, e.g. Smart Cities collaboration NO-IN, Public Private Partnerships
  • Smart City capital: Operators have interest to deploy 5G (connectivity), work with the City - join
  • EU Funds: H2020, ECSEL
  • agree on topics, and write a strategic paper - looking for good and new ideas

Funding situation for ICT

  • Apart from 5G (and Future Internet), no dedicated funds for ICT


  • Novel topics need to be brought to public/funding attention

Novel topics identified

  • effect of ICT on Smart Cities -> Sustainable and Inclusive Cities - City 3.0
    • opportunity for citizens being connected and connecting wealth and sustainable growth
    • address challenges of normal citizens and RUrban
    • from sensing to communication (2.0) configurability/adaptation (3.0)
  • Smart City: cost/benefit of making the city smarter
  • Digital twin cities,
  • Water, Sanitation
  • entrepreneurship & business opportunities
  • peace promotion
  • Bringing together: brownfield cities
  • Regulations and platform
  • AI for human/societal empowerment, need for edge-AI (critical applications)
  • Data monetisation (UPI in India more transactions than Mastercard worldwide)
  • Gentrification, inclusiveness (UNO High Level Panel: Inclusiveness, Trust, Capacity)
  • Privacy and information control (trust in CPS - resilience of systems)
  • Open data, data federation
  • Disruptive business models
  • #ReturnOnSDGs
  • Employment - new jobs
  • Spectrum use - new and disruptive models, spectrum management
  • Vertical industries
  • Sustainability: ICT4Africa and ICT4Humans- sufficient technology for many people
    • focus: citizen centric approach with sufficient technology for everyone

How to:

  • prioritize (what is next: AI, digitisation for the people...) - digital skills to overcome the divide