TEK5370 - TEK5370 – Grid, Smartgrid and IoT

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TEK5370 - TEK5370 – Grid, Smartgrid and IoT

Organisation UiO
by Shujun Zhang, Josef Noll, György Kálmán

Abstract Course content

The course will provide an overview of the Nordic power Grid and its expected development. The starting point is the set of physical law that governs the power transfer in the grid. The course will also provide an overview of the organization of the grid, its control and dynamics. The grid is in a transitional phase, from centralized production of power, to a more varied structure including distributed power generation from renewable sources and storage. This presents a set of challenges that must be addressed with technology advances like smart grid and micro grids. The grid is likely to transition from centralized, closed control to a more dynamic and distributed control based on local sensors. This transition will materialize first in the distribution network where new sensors and smart meters offers opportunities for improved detailed and timely information on production, storage, and usage. The increased distributed control represents a challenge towards ensuring stability in the grid.

Objective (max 350 words) Learning outcome - After having completed the course you will be able to:
  • Describe the physical laws that governs the power transfer in the grid, and be able to analyze power production andusage.
  • Have knowledge of the Nordic power grid, the technology used, the organization, and the individual building blocks.
  • Have detailed knowledge of production, transfer, distribution, and consumption of power.
  • Obtained an overview of energy flow and stability in the grid, both in the transport and distribution network.
  • For the smart grid, be able to describe its elements, their functionality, and the overall challenges each of these must address.
  • Have knowledge about the important issues that must addressed when information technology (ICT) is applied in the smart grid
  • Have basic knowledge about the control system and the corresponding communication protocols for both transport and distribution grids.
Keywords Grid, Smart Grid, IoT, IoT Security, Smart Energy, Smart Home, Smart Meter, Privacy
Research Area(s) Security
Type of course Master

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