Wiki properties and project start-up

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Wiki properties and project start-up

Title Wiki properties and project start-up
Place skype
Date, Time 2014/09/18, 1130-1230
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef Noll, Iñaki Garitano, Neill Mitchell
related to Project Wiki update 2014
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  • working modus
    • planning and execution
    • accounting
  • overview over project and tasks
  • ideas for Task 1: Property errors

Summary and Action Items

  • agreed on working modus with email/skype

Task 1 Phone support and bug handling - ongoing

  • Phone support agreed
  • Neil suggested new installation to be done with Composer
  • <done> AI-1: Iñaki to install the composer on a blank installation, and then use update.php for the import of the old database
  • AI-2: Neill to check the overall budget (how far are the estimates from real numbers)

Task 2-4 CSS and project specific Web pages

Best to create projects in Namespaces, and have CSS per Namespace.

  • note: need to get an example of how to create forms which separate entries into two Namespaces, e.g. admin and public

CSS design is time consuming (Neill), in order to make it modular

  • AI-3: Josef to provide an example (following the UiO template)
    • Design discussions ongoing with the Web project (contact: Kristin Scheen)
    • We will follow the scheme, in order to allow UiO students to "meet something known"
    • Design discussed with UNIKUM, having an own session planned on 2Oct2014
  • AI-4: Neill to provide an estimate for the CSS development


- just testing ----

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