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Project: Wiki_update_2014
Update the Wiki, Property fix and new design elements
Project leader Josef Noll
Project Participants
Start Date 2014/09/17
End Date 2014/12/15
Supported by UNIK
Objective Consultancy towards a stable version of the wiki, enhancements towards project pages
Research Domain Internet - IoPTS
Keywords Semantic MediaWiki, Education, Administration

Factpage of Project Wiki_update_2014

The Semantic MediaWiki was established to have a better interconnectivity between courses, lectures, master thesis and knowledge on a more general level. It links up to external organisations, people whom we collaborate with, projects and is the basis for knowledge exchange and day-to-day operation. The Wiki holds currently:

  • information on 160 organisations,
  • a total of 593 individual people,
  • course information and lectures for the 5 courses: UNIK4230, UNIK4700/UNIK9700, UNIK4710/UNIK9710,
  • the course compendium of one course
  • information on 19 national and international projects with involvement of members from UNIK
  • descriptions of 52 master thesis, out of which 17 are planned, and 10 are ongoing, and
  • three international projects and one national project have selected the Wiki as their project management tool.

As such the wiki is the most up-to-date information base for a large base of users.

However the implementation has resulted in some inconsistencies, and despite 60-80 hours of “trial and error” we were not able to fix these errors. We have also identified the need for a graphical update of the wiki, taking into consideration the need of projects such as GravidPluss, Basic Internet, SenSecPhD to present their content in a better way. As we expect to need the Wiki for upcoming collaboration, we therefor ask for a support contract with Prescient Software for an initial period of three month (Sep-Dec2014), details of which are in the following table:

Table 1: Tasks and activities
Task *Description* *time period* *estimated hours*
1 Phone support for ongoing questions/bug changes startup: 4 h, afterwards 0.5-1.5/week 16?
2 CSS design for Web Sep-Oct 2014 8?
3 Web page GravidPluss Oct2014 12?
4 Web page for BasicInternet Oct2014 10?
5 Compendium for UNIK4700/UNIK9700 Oct-Nov2014 6?
6 Bi-lingual information EN/NO Nov2014 6?
7 Access control for project internal information Dec2014 8?

A short summary of tasks and solutions will be documented on this wiki, while detailed logs are in the log files in

- Phone support

We have upgraded to Mediawiki 1.23.3 Special:Version, but experienced the same problems as with previous versions.

Some of the failures we experience are that all Properties are represented as «pages», even though they are declared as «text». Examples being Prename, Name and even phone numbers on Josef_Noll. See Property:News or Special:Types, where the Types Text++ have no entries - the corresponding http://semantic-mediawiki/wiki/Special:Types pages are correct

- CSS design for WEB

The goal of this task is to provide a Wiki installation using specific designs for a group of pages (either Category or Namespace oriented). Examples of such pages are Courses, with a specific "left column" submenu, or Web pages for projects.

The example might be a modified GuMax skin, used for courses.

- Web page GravidPluss

This task will create a specific design for the GravidPluss Web page, following the design from the University of Oslo

- Web page BasicInternet

This task will create a specific design for the Basic Internet Web page,

- Course page UNIK4700/UNIK9700

The course has all documentation on the Wiki, see UNIK4700

- Bilingual Web EN/NO

The main idea is that all forms will have an English and a Norwegian description (e.g. Abstract, AbstractNO, News, NewsNO,...) and that a set of pages will have corresponding pages in the other language. E.g. Master thesis, Course pages ....

The bilingual representation shall help to increase the visibility in search engines

- Access control to internal information

We would like to provide access to namespaces to members of that group, e.g. create a group Nextelco and provide access to the Nextelco:Main_page to members of that group

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