Workshop technical Oslo/IFI

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Workshop technical Oslo/IFI

Title Workshop technical Oslo/IFI
Place IFI
Date, Time 2016/09/05, 1300-1600
Contact Person Cristian, Olaf Owe
Participants Cristian, Olaf Owe, Josef Noll
related to Project IoTSec
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This is a technical working meeting with External Invited Speakers.
We invited the two speakers to give talks about their current research work which we think might be useful for the work in IoTSec.
The purpose of this workshop is to allow discussions around these presentations, to understand how/if we can build upon their work.
This is an open event so anyone can attend. However, note that it will be technical.


Monday 5 September
In IFI building Ole-Johan Dahl's Hus, in room 4118 (Styrerom) on 4th floor
May need access card ! Call organizers
On-line connection will be made available
The room we are in is supposed to have some fancy conference system. If the drift people make it to work you will see info here on how to connect.
I will also have a Skype channel opened 5min in advance using my skypeID : christian.uio.johansen
Break in between the talks
Dinner – 17:00

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of the meeting are in IoTAdmin:20160905MeetingIFI_TechWork_Notes

05 September 2016, IFI UiO

2 Presentations of 30min + 30min discussions for each have the following TITLES:

13:00 "Semantically enhance and intelligently enable the IoT for

self-adapting/evolving behaviours in data-intensive environments."

14:00 Break"
14:15 Håkon Norman (from Copenhagen)

on "Business Modelling of a New Breed"

15:15 Reserved for specific discussions on where and how these works could fit with our Tasks and WPs.
17:00 Dinner

Everyone can join but only _the two guests are invited_. (please tell if you join so we have an overview of how many to reserve for)

Other Ideas/Follow up