5G Networks

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Research Domain: 5G Networks

Finished projects:
 Titleled by:supported by:
FreeSecEDUBuilding the security-aware society based on free Web access to security coursesJosef NollITS
Basic Internet accessFree access to information on the InternetJosef NollITS
Wireless Handover SimulationsSimulations of handover in wireless communicationsSusana Rodriguez de NovoaITS
Satellite availabilityPrediksjon av forventet satellitt-tilgjengelighetKnut GrytheNorsk Romsenter
Basic InternetBasic Internet, promoting Internet light for allJosef NollOwn
DiversIoT FactpageDiversIoTChristian JohansenNFR
PhD-Managed WifiManaged Wifi for Application-specific RoutingMaghsoud MorshediNFR
DigINon-discriminating Access for Digital InclusionJosef NollNFR
SCOTTSecure COnnected Trustable Things (ECSEL-IA 737422)Michael KaernerNFR
NGINONext Generation Internet - Norwegian ParticipationVilija Balionyte-MerleNFR
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5G networks are seen as the merger of mobile and wireless networks, providing the communication which best fits the need of the user or the device. Ongoing developments in mobile networks are focussing towards LTE advanced (LTE-A), while various developments in Wireless Networks are summarised under the 802.11 and 802.16 developments.


Keywords related to 5G networks are

  • Mobile Systems, including: LTE, 4G, UMTS, 3G, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 2G, NMT
  • Radio Technologies, addressing: propagation, bandwidth, capacity
  • Sensor systems and the Internet of Things
  • Information and System Security for Mobile, Wireless and Sensor Networks

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