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+++ see our "Digital Inclusion (DigI) project" and Info on connected Villages +++
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The Basic Internet Foundation

Connect the Future: Envision a world of free access to information on health care, education or development.

Join our quest to make this vision a reality!

Our work in the Basic Internet Foundation is driven by three questions:

  1. Is access to digital goods and information a universal human right?
  2. How can we enable access, especially for people and groups left behind by traditional business models?
  3. How can we provide local access to decentralised information to address global challenges and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

To answer the questions, we adopted the model of the road: Once a road is build, pedestrians and cyclists have free access to the road. And we ask ourselves: What hinders us to address the road model to the access to Internet?

Figure 1: Network slicing for Internet Lite and 5G large cells
  • We promote and provide the Freemium model for access
  • We build Information spots with free access to information, and premium access to broadband services
  • Through Internet Lite for All we build the basis for Digital Inclusion and Societal Empowerment
  • We see Digital Health as enabler for digital literacy, better knowledge on relevant health issues, and social entrepreneurship. Energy, digital and health together form the building blocks for sustainable development

If you want to read more,

How To?

How to establish an info spot

Are you wondering on how to connect your community? We help you in establishing Information Spots by following these 5 steps.

  1. You want to read more on why we use Internet Lite?
  2. You have already plans to connect your community, your school, your health facility? Please read what has to be done in the field prior to establishing an Info Spot
  3. Are you convinced to establish an Info Spot? Then please contact us to make the necessary agreements (MoU), purchase and further steps
  4. Thus, if everything is agreed, we help you in ordering the equipment, built a Regional Competence Centre to configure equipment ready to be installed
See for the steps of connectivity
Have a look at the course on how to configure
Experience problems? Please visit Problem solving
5. You are almost there, perform the roll-out in the field, and Best Praxis from our communities



Our Terminology

  • Information spot - An information spot provides free access to local information, and to Internet Lite
  • Free access to information is based on the Freemium model for access, with free access to information and premium access to broadband services on the Internet
  • Internet Lite for All is the implementation of an Internet with text and pictures, enabled through light-weight protocols such as AMP
  • Digital Inclusion and leaving no-one behind are the core drivers for the free access to information for all
  • Societal Empowerment through digital inclusion, with focus on keeping the value within the community
  • Digital Health for Digital Empowerment - Our research has proven that digital health information not only has significant results on health knowledge, but also empowers people digitally by learning on how to use digital devices and achieve information

About us

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Founding Partners

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