DigI:DigI-PATH Meeting 19Apr2018

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DigI:DigI-PATH Meeting 19Apr2018

Title DigI-PATH meeting 19Apr2018
Place PATH
Date, Time 2018/04/19, 0930-1100h
Contact Person Elaine Baker
Participants Josef Noll, Felix Sukums
related to Project DigI:DigI
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PATH, 3rd Floor, Oasis Office Park, Off Haile Selasie Road, Oysterbay, Dar es Salaam


0930h Welcome (Elaine)
0935h Table Round
0945h Digital Inventory
Concept of Information spots
Interactivity and Digital Data analysis
Digital Health inventory
Experiences from previous activities
1005h Discussions, what can we do
Inventory of Digital Health (PATH?)
1100h End of meeting

Information about Phase A villages

2 villages (Izazi and Mgoli) in Iringa districts are for HIV, TB and Cysticercosis (M04) -

  • Migoli: has 3G tower in the village, Latitude: -7.145672 | Longitude: 35.819636, Altitude: 717 meters
  • Izazi: 2G connection from Migoli tower (no 3G), Latitude: -7.23764 | Longitude: 35.720995, Altitude: 753 meters

One Village in Monduli (Selela) is for for Anthrax (M04)

  • Selela, Latitude: -3.210762 | Longitude: 35.947617, Altitude: 1043 meters, TIGO tower on the mountain 5-7 km away

Note: discussions of other villages: in Kainam, Sanu and Yaeda chini villages in Mbulu District, Manyara region and Selela village of Monduli District in Arusha region, both of Northern Tanzania. - GPS coordinates from https://www.gps-coordinates.net)

Phase B villages still to be defined

The schedule of the TZ week: