DigI:DigI Tanzania Meeting 17Apr2018

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DigI:DigI Tanzania Meeting 17Apr2018

Title DigI Tanzania Meeting (17April2018)
Place Tanzania - NIMR, 2448 Barack Obama Dr, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Date, Time 2018/04/17, 0800-1800
Contact Person Christine Holst, Bernard Ngowi
Participants Josef Noll, Flora Kajuna, Felix Sukums, Andrea Winkler, Elibariki Mwakapeje, Maurice Isabwe, Christine Holst, Antoni Nyerere, Jacob, Andrew, Charles, Domenik Stelzle
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Muhimbili Research Centre – NIMR, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


0900h Recall from the summary of 16Apr2018 at the Embassy
0930h Status and upcoming of the project
Phase A: roll-out
a) 3G hot-spots in Migoli and Selela
b) connectivity to Izazi - alternatives
Phase B: village selection
Village platform - creation process
Health message process
Co-operations: no national project?
1015h Digital Health Information - time frame and deadlines (Maurice)
1130h leave for UCSAF meeting (30 min enough for travel?)
1130h lunch?
1215h Development of the intervention study (Christine, Flora and Elibariki)
detailed story-line for each disease
1500 Common meeting - Recall return of Felix and Josef
1510 Update of Digital Health information, information and
1530 Update of Meeting with UCSAF
1545 AOB
next actions
next meetings
1600 End of meeting


Recall meeting at the Embassy

Recall from the summary of 16Apr2018 at the Embassy

  • Josef summarized the meeting from yesterday, and suggested steps forward.
  • Information about Veggie project is on owncloud = Site-Survey = Apr2018 = NCA_veggie_information.docx

Status of the project

  • we are missing clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • action items are not followed up

  • Village platform – creation process. Where do we get information from the villages? What type of information do the villages need? Bernard and Felix will do the need assessment locally.
  • Field visits: use a document as a check list for assessing the appropriateness of the content. Twitter feed and possibly FB feed.
  • A discussion on use of server. Should the digital health information be placed on the Cystinet server at NIMR? Bernard recommends. Josef to contact Jan, to check on logistic, space, bandwith speed.

Phase A: roll-out

a) 3G hot-spots in Migoli and Selela b) connectivity to Izazi - alternatives

Phase B: village selection process

Village platform

- creation process

  • Bernard and Felix are in charge of the selection of the next villages, after fieldwork with Andrea.
  • Felix met with Gwen from Norwegian Church Aid.
  • Village information – Felix and Elibariki.


  • PATH no national project?
  • NCA

Health message process

  • Maurice presentation – the way forward on the development of health messages.
  • A brief discussion on Cholera as part of the core diseases. Desicion: to be added in the next phase.
  • We have five areas that needs input from the medical team. Prevalence, Cause / Transmission, Signs / Symptoms, Teatment, Prevention. Maurice needs pictures from responsible person / each area.
  • Bernard, Flora, Christine and Andrea – see deadlines in Maurice document, that he will send out / upload to owncloud and send link.
  • The videos on HIV and TB is already there, in MoH. Are they custome made? These will not be developed by Maurice, but revised by the team medics. Medical task force to review the final documents.
  • Bernard and Elibariki will provide us with the existing videos from MoH. These can be uploaded to owncloud for review.
  • Maurice showed the website. Need pictures, key messages (one or two paragraphs) on each eare (prevalence, cause / transmission, signs / symptoms, treatment and prevention). Need photo for each of the the key messages. Need short questions for the quiz. Five questions are enough! But it is possible to have a pool and take out random five questions, one per area, at the time.

Intervention study

(Christine, Flora)

  • Flora presentation – advised to focus on the studies related to prevalence and practice
  • Christine presentation – advised to change the desgn either to cohort or quasi-experimental design
  • Andrea, Josef, Bernard and christine had a brief discussion of the study, logistics and financing. Bernard will fill Helena in here.

The schedule of the TZ week: