"Big Data for Energy" Workshop

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"Big Data for Energy" Workshop

Title "Big Data for Energy" Workshop
Place IFI
Date, Time 2016/10/10, 1300-1630
Contact Person Cristian, Yan Zhang
Participants Cristian, Ming-Chang (Leo) Lee, Dang Ha The Hien, Yan Zhang
related to Project IoTSec
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  • This is a workshop meeting with several participants, some from the project, some from outside the project.
  • The purpose was to present advances in big data analysis relevant to the smart electricity grid domain


  • 13:15 : Introduction (Yan Zhang, IFI)
  • 13:20 Talk on "Intelligent Eavesdropping Modeling for Smart Environment" (Leo, Simula)
  • 14:00 Questions and Discussions
  • 14:15 break
  • 14:30 Talk on "Big Data for Smart Grid: going from research ideas to industrial applications" (Dang, eSmart Systems)
  • 15:00 Questions and Discussions
  • 15:15 break
  • 15:30 Talk from 3rd invited guest (TBD)


  • Location : OJD: Styrerom (4118)
  • Time: 13:00-17:00