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First Name Ming-Chang (Leo)
Last Name Lee
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Company SIMULA
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Keywords Parallel and Distributed Computing, Big Data, Sentiment Analysis
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I am working on IoTSec project now and my research area is focusing on Cloud Computing and Big Data.

I have at least 13 years of programming experiences in Java and obtain a Sun Certified Java Programmer certificate (SCJP for short). In addition, I have approximately four years of experience working on an Apache open-source project called Hadoop and its various versions. What I did includes tracing the source codes of Hadoop MRv1 and Hadoop YARN (Both of them are open-source software framework and key technology in Cloud Computing), implementing job scheduling algorithms on Hadoop MRv1, deploying different versions of Hadoop in both a LAN cluster and a virtual private cluster, and conducting extensive experiments. I also have some experiences on Spark (which is an open source cluster computing framework), Storm on YARN (which is a system for processing streaming data in real time), and HBase (which is an open source, non-relational, distributed database for Cloud Computing).