BG:Ease of use improvement v2.7

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Title Ease of use improvement v2.7
Type functionality
Keywords login, ease of use, Useability
Date (expected, solved,...) 2012/06/01
Expected Version v2.8
Status New
Summary (1-2 lines): Small design considerations to increase useability for v2.6, including login
Test Procedure: Testing
  • automatic login
  • links after login

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Further increase of useability,

  • login
  • links on page 2


"Keep me logged in" should result in that "every time I visit the site, I will automatically be logged in". That means I will always see the "Josef Noll | Logg out" page

Keep me logged in.png

The current solution needs always the active "logg in" procedure, which should be avoided. Only "Logg out" will bring me to the logout, thus that I can logg in again.

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Links on"Home" (after login)

After login, all potential links should be possible

  • Idea Name (CareTech)
  • New Ideas, e.g. SnappOrder
  • New Investments, e.g. Bipper
  • Rising Star Index, e.g. Care Tech

Links on page2.png

Currently none of these links are available, until I click on "Stock Market"

Error message "timeout"

I often get a network error message when trying


Company connection

To establish companies needs improvements