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Title Idea page for social media
Type change request
Severity 4-enhancement
Keywords facebook, Google Plus, Social networks
Date (expected, solved,...) 2012/08/05
Expected Version v3.1
Status Solved
Summary (1-2 lines): Allows the spreading of your idea to social media like Facebook, Google, (LinkedIN)
Test Procedure: Share an idea on G+ and Facebook, and ensure that the "non-login" version is published.
News: Updated design

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11th Aug

Can you please explain little bit more about your requirement in the community comment part?
A: The main idea is to get people interested in both the InnoBors and the ideas on the InnoBors. That's why we would like to make it easy to share, and easy to comment. Our goal is that people will comment on the idea page, and the comment is published on the idea page and on the facebook page of the user
A: You get people interested through a "like" or other social media. BUT, the more people you would like to address, the less information you need to provide. Thus, the conclusion is: "let people comment almost everything, thus 'make noise' about the idea is what really matters." - So no real requirements for the page, just a nice design and the possibility to add comments.
how do we handle "anonymous"?
A: We have anonymous viewing, but not anonymous commenting. After you have written a comment, you need to authenticate to get the comment published. Thus, please allow for writing comments, and when the "RETURN" comes, then you will be sent to the "login" page. Thus every new user who comments will become an InnoBors user. :-)


We would like to have a social media page, which can be published on through the social network links. This page should be a "no login" duplicate of the "Idea page", allowing to catch interest. Thanks for the first version. Please find enclosed some design updates and logos


Please let me know which format you need :-)

LoginRegisterButton-NO.png File:LoginRegisterButton-NO.pdf

LoginRegister-NO.png File:LoginRegister-NO.pdf

ImMember-NO.png File:ImMember-NO.pdf

WantBecomeMember-NO.png File:WantBecomeMember-NO.pdf

BecomeMemberNow-NO.png File:BecomeMemberNow-NO.pdf

Design SocialMedia Side


Elements of the page

Good question.... to my mind (Josef), the most important aspects are

  • DESCRIPTION - the abstract of the idea (limited to 250 characters)
  • VOTING - allow for "community voting" - but before allowing voting, "catch the user" (see Auto Login)
  • INVESTMENTS - only show the summary of invested money
  • COMMUNITY COMMENTS - before commenting, "catch the user" (see Auto Login)


Auto Login

Regarding Login:

  • if the idea is published on Facebook, and the user comes from Facebook in order to comment, his Facebook "login" should be used
  • likewise... if the idea is published on G+, and the user comes from G+ in order to comment, his G+ "login is used
  • can we make that automatic? skip the "login" page and end up automatically to the "Grant access" page (linkedin, facebook, ....)

After the successful "login", the user is sent over to the "real" idea page.


Is the main goal to "catch ideas" from other social media or to spread the ideas from InnoBors towards other social media?
the main idea is to spread the ideas further to social media.
where are these pages hosted?
Do we need own versions for LinkedIN?
own versions for LinkedIN, Facebook, .... will come later. See: BG:Facebook_page