CITI-Sense-Mob sensor testing

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CITI-Sense-Mob sensor testing

Title CITI-Sense-Mob sensor testing
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2014/03/03, 0900-1100
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Seraj Fayyad
related to Project Citi-Sense-MOB
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1) earlier tests failed, no sensor signal

Potential reasons

  • no power supply, - measure with multimeter
  • to little power (effect) to fire up the sensor board - - don't know the power
  • communication fails

On-device monitoring

  • Tested the sensor with usb directly to pc and checked that there is some communication in a terminal program
  • Also, open it and recheck if the sim card is correctly in the slot.

2) second test partially success, no location information, show some measured values

Potential reasons:

  • static electricity

Done activities:

  • Send SMS to sensor SIM card (40923931), content =<SRVADR></SRVADR>
  (goal): change server address to the new one.
  • Sensor discharging from static electricity.
  • Sensor running without SIM card then with SIM card in order
  (goal): force sensor to recheck the SIM card existence

3) third test: Temporal success with location identification and measurements :

location identification failed potential reasons:

  • some wire bad connectivity.

Done activities:

  • recheck wires connectivity
  • static electricity discharging.
  • Partial testing for different parts of the sensor.

4) fourth test: Without air sensors board the sensor send approximately half of the expected number of sending

Done activities

  • Running of sensor without embedded air quality sensors board for four hours.


  • sensor send 114 reading pre 4 hour where sensor settings were configured to send sense read every 1 min.


* The sensor needs 15 after turn it on to stabilize its sensing and to provide reliable data.
* Air quality embedded sensors need to be exchanged with new one every 2 year.

caution: sensor used techs for air contents measurement based on the using of ACID (harmful chemical substance) which sometimes cause bad smell.

Needed for future testing:

  • list of used commands for sensor configuration in order to simplify and accelerate testing.
  • Mobile SIM card for sensors configuration.
  • Sensor manual (uploaded)

Dunavnet link

Dunavnet 3 online data

Screenshot Dunavnet Sensor3.png


Last measured:

Raw data from WFS server

  • sensor 4 (.xml): [1]

Link status

  • lab testing 20Dec2013, position: 59.9755117, 11.0535750 (NILU lab)

Position external sensor3.png

internal sensor measures: Air_Quality_bike_sensor_parameter