Citi-Sense-MOB app ideas

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Citi-Sense-MOB app ideas

Title Citi-Sense-MOB app ideas
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2014/03/04, 1300-1530
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Hai-Ying Liu, Seraj Fayyad
related to Project Citi-Sense-MOB
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Using the outcome of the morning meeting, we concentrated on 4 apps

1) User empowerment -> for Facebook

  • later stage, get info from Vegvesen on av speed

2) Personal Air Quality Index (PAQI) -> Mobile App

outcome: mobile app

3) Nobina, Ruter, Buss app -

later, based on dicussions with ruter

4) visualisation tools

described in D1.1 Toolbox (COT), mainly paper