DigI:Cooperation with Zabai-Aug2019

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DigI:Cooperation with Zabai-Aug2019

Title DigI:Cooperation with Zabai
Place ITS@Kjeller
Date, Time 2019/08/07, 0900-1100
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef.Noll, Wisam Ahmed Mansour, Kyrre Øygarden
related to Project DigI
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Notes from Meeting

Møte med Zabai Device

  • a set of devices was put together and handed over to Kyrre
  • Equipment is going to be installed in Hpa-an@Myanmar
  • we created a video on "how to connect" - draft on cable connectivity is here on owncloud = DigI

Samarbeid - enig om samarbeid

  • Innhold: School server, Village server (Zabai)
  • Samarbeid i Myanmar med andre
  • Utdannelse/Miljø for utvekslingspersoner

Digital Public Goods

  • Suggested as Recommendation 1B from the High-Level Panel (see DigI:Publications#Further_Reading
  • Needs to be seen in conjunction with Access (recommendation 1A)
  • Analysis of AMP for InfoInternet standard
  • the Zabai learning platform is a candidate for the DigitalPublicGoods.net platform


  • Focus on Fag-skole in Hpa-na
  • example for scalability

Innovation Norge søknad

  • Zabai invites UiO and BasicInternet as partners

Fagskole Hpa-na

  • Utveksling med fagfolk som kommer til Norge
  • gode læringsmiljøer at UiO, Institutt for Teknologisystemer
  • mulig kurs: TEK5110
  • Makerspace @ ITS

Conference 20-21Jan2020 in Myanmar

  • common development for digital learning@school
  • scale up to become the showcase for DigitalPublicGoods, Norwegian Gov, Oslo Centre for Peace and Human Rights
  • Møte med Bondevik om "Tilgang til information" a human right in the digital age