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Equipment at Hpa-an@Myanmar
 Equipment classEquipment typeModelIdentifierPlaceContact
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 12AntennasMikrotik LTERBSXTR&R11E-LTESN : A1870A71F6F3/851/r2 E01: 74: 4d: 28: 12: 85: 62Hpa-an@Myanmar
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 13RouterMikrotik RouterRBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TCSN :B4A00A418D2F/920/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: A7: 59: 91Hpa-an@Myanmar
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ 03ServerRaspberry Pi 3B+FCC ID: 2ABCB-RPI3BP IC: 20953-RPI3P CMIT: 2018AJ2147Hpa-an@Myanmar

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Figure 1: Visiting the Hpa-an school
Figure 2: Brenda Jimris-Rekve explaining the LTE antenna for creating an InfoSpot