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Lessons learned

From the connection of the first villages, we achieved excellent results:

  • In each village we find people being highly motivated to support the Internet Lite access
  • Communities have taken up the concept, and deploy the information spots
  • The cheap deployment using a 6 m pole to reach out even more than 20 km is available everywhere.

Standard poles come in the length of 6 m, which is sufficient for connectivity to reach the mobile network tower being more than 20 km away (case Selela market), or being hidden by the landscape (case Izazi). In addition, the 6 m poles reach up to 2-3 km point-to-multipoint connectivity in rural Tanzania.

In case of larger distances, our solution is to extend to 9 m high poles on the site of the sector antenna (case Migoli), allowing a line-of-site over the top of the trees. In case of the Izazi Dispensary, we used a 9 m pole at the governmental building, and added a 6 m pole at the dispensary.