DigI:Meeting Izazi Feb18

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DigI:Meeting Izazi Feb18

Title Meeting Izazi
Place Administration Building Izazi
Date, Time 2018/02/14, 1000-1100h
Contact Person Bernard.Ngowi
Participants Josef.Noll, Elibariki Mwakapeje, Helena Ngowi, Bernard Ngowi, Felix Sukums, Flora Francis Kajuna, Christine Holst
related to Project DigI
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See the village, locate spots, and talk to village and ward authorities. Discuss village requirements

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List of Participants

Meeting led by Bernard Ngowi and the village secretaries. Goodluck Paul - DigI local representative in Iringa
Ndola - Ward Executive Officer (WEO),
Lilian Mkemwa - Village Executive Officer (VEO)
Stanley Kumba Kumba is a community development officer (CDO)


Notes from the Meeting

Location and status

Izazi is located in the South-central of Tanzania, about 85 km north of Iringa city. Lack of network connectivity, 2G only. People are travelling to Migori village to charge phones, surf Internet, sending project reports including pictures to the district officer. The village office has electricity, and so do some houses in the village.

Potential location for a hot-spot

The meeting was held at the government owned village office, opposite to bus stop ca 200 m north, a place well suited for a hot-spot.

Other notes

Focus in Izazi is on TSCT, HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis. Cholera information also needed. Other information needed on the platform, also in the app

  • Water shortage
  • School registered
  • Local news
  • Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram wanted
  • Weather forecast, rain season, dry season
  • Village financial reports, info – Fishing business - share messages regarding fish
  • Classrooms information
  • Financial, social, community development
  • Existing projects, success stories: i.e. estress project, health information for young ladies 10-19 years old
  • Information making offline available?

Security issues addressed - Person nominated by ourselves - making money? Community: need smart phone -cheap access, now only used 5% of services


Input by Ndola:
1) Comments abaout how to build capacity to the entire community by having a digital team in the specific areas this team will help people who do not know how to use digital equipments like smart phones, tablets and other equipments but also
2) I would like to suggest that every village to have an accessible blog that will be operated with person in the kiosk, this blog will help to upload different information like village assemblies and entertainment events