Administration Building Izazi

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Adress Izazi
Meetings at Administration Building Izazi

Equipment at Administration Building Izazi
 Equipment classEquipment typeModelIdentifierPlaceContact
Mikrotik Antenna RB921GS-5HPacD-15s 05AntennasMikrotik AntennaRB921GS-5HPacD-15sSN: 9A2A038FA892/904/R2 E01: 74:4D:28:28: FA:A9Administration Building Izazi
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 04AntennasMikrotik LTERBSXTR&R11E-LTESN: 998309238648/825/r2
E01: B8:69:F4:24:1A:45
Administration Building Izazi
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 02RouterMikrotik RouterRBD52G-5HacD2HnD-TCSerial: 8FDE090F0287/826
E01: B8:69:F4:26:1D:67
Administration Building Izazi
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 17AntennasMikrotikRBwAPG-5HacT2HnDSN: 7DF1095B34A3/832Administration Building Izazi
Vodacom SIM 01SIM cardVodacomSIMSIM 89255 04410 9892 0985
0766873680 - 2580
Administration Building Izazi



  • InfoSpot not working. Wifi is okay, but no connection to Internet

Potential Reasons

1) SIM card is not reloaded

  • @Flora check that the right "SIM card" (here Vodacom 01) is refilled
  • @Ndola check if Nyerere High School in Migoli has Internet (as we use the same procedure for refill), see: Nyerere_High_School_Migoli

2) antenna is not pointing to the tower in Migoli

  • look at the direction, should be almost in line with the roof direction (+/- 30 degree is not critical)

3) cables are not connected properly

  • @Ndola take out power, wait 15 sec and reconnect

4) wrong SIM card in the antenna

  • @Flora cross check with Vodacom that SIM 89255 04410 9892 0985 has phone number 0766873680 - 2580(what is this code?) is refilled. We might just simply add up some small money to the SIM card to see if connection is working.

If all that fails, we need to take down the antenna, take out the SIM card, and check the SIM code