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Configuration of Sector Antenna RB921

based on the BasicInternet:Solutions, and the specific configuration description on BasicInternet:InfoSpot_configuration

Configuration through WinBox4MAC/CrossOver (MAC) or Winbox.exe (Windows)

  • Connect the device direct to your laptop and then use the WinBox or the used configuring program, make sure to add the power over Ethernet (PoE).
  • If the device doesn't connect or appear within the configuration window then refresh, or add the E01 mac address.
  • Share Wifi IP configuration from MAC
  • If initial "find" from wAP fails, then disconnect Wifi, only connect USB to wAP, and "find"
  • If the available network doesn't permit net/wifi sharing then connect the Mikrotikk device direct to a wifi router such RB960PGS
  • Reason: for updating the packages, the wAP needs to be connected (through the MAC) with Internet


1. Connect the wAP

  • Connect the Sector Antenna to a Mikrtikk 960
  • Connect the Mac to the Mikrotik wifi network that will appear on your network list looks like MikroTik-28FBFB

2. Open Winbox4Mac

  • Go to neighbours connect to the device appears
  • If no one appears click refresh then it will come up
  • Then there is an automatic message will come up choose (Remove configuration)
  • Go to System=> reset-configuration no-default=>yes
  • Automatically, you will be logged out

3. Connect the Sector Antenna to the Mac

  • Go to neighbours connect to the device appears
  • If no one appears click refresh then it will come up
  • If it doesn't work unconnected the Sector Antenna
  • Usually, it won't connect if you use a limited and strict network that you should change to another network to give you the ability to share the network with the Mikrotik device
  • go to network preferences and choose USB10/...00LAN
  • Go to the sharing folder in the setting and open sharing

4. Open Winbox4Mac

  • After connecting go to IP => DHCP client => click on (+) on the top to the left
  • Go to interface and select (ether 1) => apply => OK
  • A table will appear and show Interface (ether1), Use P... (Yes), Add D... (Yes), IP Address (....numbers...), Expire After (...time...), & Status (bound)

5. Go to system

  • Choose packages => check for updates => Download&Install
  • Down the box you will get the message Download and rebooting

6. Go to files

  • Go to file list and import the suitable configuration file (RB921) from OwnCloud => BasicInternet => Technology => Mikrotik => Tanzania_backups => the file ....
  • Take the file to the window File list and there will appear with the other two folders flash & flash/skins
  • Take the file another time and this time put it within the flesh/skin folder to be imported in it also

7. Go to New Terminal in Winbox

  • On the end of the page write the command (import the file you import name)
  • Press enter and wait for a few seconds
  • It should give you a message that the file is loaded and exceustd successfully