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Configuration of LNCC RDB52G

Figure 1: Example of Winbox configuration for a RB951 LNCC

Configuration through WinBox

Connect the device direct to your laptop and then use the WinBox or the used configuring program

  • either by connecting to WiFi to the LNCC, use the W01: Mac address
  • or connecting to port 2 on the LNCC, use the E02: Mac address (E01: Mac address+1)
  • Note: if connecting through cable, ensure that Wifi on our PC is off

If the device doesn't connect or appear within the configuration window then to connect to cable to port 2

  • Share Wifi IP configuration from MAC
  • If initial "find" from wAP fails, then disconnect Wifi, only connect USB to wAP, and "find"
  • If the available network doesn't permit net/wifi sharing then connect the Mikrotikk device direct to a wifi router such RB960PGS
  • Reason: for updating the packages, the wAP needs to be connected (through the MAC) with Internet

ERROR handling


Wine/Crossover - Winbox
admin (see BasicInternet_Passwords.kbdx)BasicInternet
E02: 74:4D:28:E8:4C:81 is the
W01: .... 86

Check Log file

Error: sstp-tanzania: …. terminating, could not resolve name

Interface = SSTP client 
 Dial out: sstp.basicinternet.org -> maincorerouter.basicinternet.org
 CHANGED sstp = maincorerouter.basicinternet.org  (on Domeneshop)
 % Remote?? connection time-out

IP = Hotspot 
ERROR· no connection to its-wiki.no
Reason: https://yeboo.com is blocked (local raspberry Pi)
 /ip firewall filter add action=drop chain=forward comment="block yeboo https" content=yeboo disabled=no dst-port=443 protocol.tcp

Detailed configuration of the LNCC

Use the configuration steps on http://Nextcloud.basicinternet.org, start from https://nextcloud.basicinternet.org/index.php/f/6092 (registration & approval required)