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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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DigI:Roll out Izazi Migoli Selela

Title DigI:Roll_out_Izazi_Migoli
Place Morogoro District, TZ
Date, Time 2019/03/28, - 5Apr2019
Contact Person Christine Holst
Participants Josef.Noll, Christine Holst, Felix Sukums
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Travel with KLM to Dar es Salam, Arrival 22:15
Travel to Hotel


Participation at East African Health and Scientific Summit (EACHSC), see: DigI:EAC Health and Scientic Conference Mar2019
Christine's presentation on "Free access to digital health information in Iringa, Tanzania: Development, provision and testing the effect of digital health messages to rural communities"
15:00h Møte med PEN Tanzania and Ashoka


08:30 EACHSC - Josef's presentation on "Providing Digital Health - a Question of Sustainability" and Podium Discussion
Testing Equipment with Felix (U900 operation of LTE antenna, update of RDB952 boxes)
Testing of equipment to be used in the study
Meeting with team leader (Pudenciana Hilary) for the research team


Drive to Iringa 31 from Dar


Christine & team: Fieldwork kick-off. The research team starts in the control village xxxx
10:00h Elibariki & Josef get the SIM cards from TIGO, and drive to Arusha

Intervention village Migoli:

2 days in Migoli Centre
2,5 days in Mbuyuni
1 day in Nyegele
2,5 days in Nyerere

Sunday off


15:30h Discussion with Patandi team
start of Operation in Mbaash


Travel to Iringa - Josef Return Oslo 5Apr2019

10Apr2019 The research team then proceed to Izazi:

1 day in Ihanyi
1 day in Chekechea
1 day in Sokoni
0,5 day in Madukani
1 day in Kiwanjani
0,5 day in Barabarani

Sunday off

16Apr2019 Kimande:

1 day in Mji mwema
0,5 day in Kikuluwe
0,5 day in Kimande
0,5 day in Igundambwanyi
1 day in Mwatenga

22Apr2019 Idodi:

0,5 day in Mji mwema A
1,5  day in Mji mwema B
1,5 day in Msimbi
1/3 day in Ilamba
1/3 day in Mbuyuni A
1/3 day in Mbuyuni B

Equipment need

  • 2 (or 3) LTE antennas (depends if we just use a Modem i Migoli or a directive antenna)
  • 4 RBD952 (local hot-spot) LNCC (Migoli, Izazi, Patandi, Mbaash)
  • 3 Village servers (Migoli, Izazi, Mbaash)
  • SIM cards (TIGO)