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T1.3 Selection of villages

Task Title Selection of villages in TZ
Lead partner NIMR
Contributors NIMR, BasicInternet, Ministry of Health in Tanzania, Sokoine University of Agriculture, UIO
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This task will create the list of villages in Tanzania


Deliverables in T1.3 Selection of villages

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The overall objective of the activities in Tanzania are: To increase awareness on One Health to 80% of at risk population from identified priority zoonotic diseases areas at all levels, by June, 2020. Specifically, will be to produce the customized content for the health messages and to make a plan for rolling out the HIV and One Health messages.

Expected outcome

Please visit Villages for the updated plan

Selected villages for phase A in TZ

Phase A:

  • 2 villages (Izazi and Mgoli) in Iringa districts are for HIV, TB and Cysticercosis (M04) -
    • Migoli: has TIGO 3G tower in the village, Latitude: -7.145672 | Longitude: 35.819636, Altitude: 717 meters
    • Izazi: 2G connection from Migoli tower (no 3G), Latitude: -7.23764 | Longitude: 35.720995, Altitude: 753 meters
  • one Village in Monduli (Selela) is for for Anthrax (M04)
    • Selela, Latitude: -3.210762 | Longitude: 35.947617, Altitude: 1043 meters, TIGO tower on the mountain 5-7 km away
    • Esilalei

Phase B villages

Note: discussions of other villages: in Kainam, Sanu and Yaeda chini villages in Mbulu District, Manyara region and Selela village of Monduli District in Arusha region, both of Northern Tanzania. - GPS coordinates from https://www.gps-coordinates.net)

  • Mto wa Mbu (Lat -3.371942, Long 35.854498)
  • Esilalei (Lat -3.46945, Long 35.97469) - received 3G Tigo coverage Jun2018
  • Mungere (Lat -3.3178, Long 35.892)
  • Kimande (Iringa)
  • Idodi (Iringa)

Radio link calculation

See Calculation of Radio Link for identification of the connectivity to the village


Google map link to spots (needs update from Felix) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1v9kTC-NdY65RdxdBs3hz67g3-4tEsDuX&usp=sharing

The implementation of One Health in Tanzania is based upon recognition of the intimate linkages among the human, animal and ecosystem health domains. It proposes an interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral approach to disease surveillance, monitoring, prevention, control and mitigation of endemic and emerging diseases. In this intervention therefore, the diseases to be addressed are HIV, Bovine Tuberculosis, Cysticercosis and Anthrax