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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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DigI:Visjon2030 Dec2018

Title Visjon2030 Dec2018 Meeting
Place FAFO
Date, Time 2018/12/05, 0900-1800
Contact Person Anne Hatløy, Tewodros Aragie Kebede
Participants Anne Hatløy, Tewodros Aragie Kebede, Markus Bugge, Ina Bøe, Tone Øderud, Graziella Van den Bergh, Frøydis Dybdahl Archer, Dariusz Kowalczyk, Kjetil Reine, Carsten Gunnar Helgesen, Vibeke Vågenes, Kari Moe Jacobsen, Erik Berge Wiken, Zlata Turkanovic, Tor Halvorsen, Christine Holst, Josef Noll, Anne Kielland, Anne Breivik, Deodatus Kakoko, Tone Cecilie Faugli, Kjetil Røine, Luke Stannard
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  • Welcome and introduction
  • Leap Learning and Save the Children: Development of learning labs
  • Strømme Foundation: Speed school II
  • Western Norway University of Applied Sciences: Securing education in Tanzania SINTEF: New hearing care service in Tanzania
  • Basic Internet Foundation: Non-discriminating access for digital inclusion
  • Launch of Visjon2030 Website
  • Lærdal Global Health: Train and equip midwives for safer births
  • Picterus: Jaundice in focus
  • Eyasys: Sunami village empowering
  • Differ, Giertsen, Eltek, UNDP: Electrification and digitalization beyound the grid Bright Products: Education 4 sustainability
  • Collective reflections on synergies and scale-up strategies (Plenary sessions on summary and reflections for scaling up: Norad, Innovation Norway, Norwegian Research Council, Formative Research partners and projects)

For an overview on the Visjon2030, please visit: http://vision2030.no

Private Notes (Josef)


Thematic areas: Health, Education, Entrepenerhsips, Job creation

  • Energy cross cutting them across projects
  • addressing building blocks for a sustainable development
  • addressing the sustainability

[ ] Digitisation

cost of provision of services (Anne Breivik):

  • 21 US$ / child /year (incl. teacher and school building) in Somalia

Inputs from Projects

For the list of proposal related to Visjon2030 project, please visit:

Leap Learning

“Develop an EdTech based Learning Lab for international markets”

  • Partner: Save the Children
  • Apps in 10 languages
  • hands-on games

Facilitator Tests

  • 1h/day - whole week
  • keep lab open

Randomizing Speed School

Anne Breivik, Anne Kielland, Luke Stannard

List 90 villages

  • 30 treatment villages (1860 children)
  • 60 control villages (3720 children)

Teaching impairment - HVL education

Patandi is a key to upscaling

  • demand for inclusive education (Ministry in close collaboration with Patandi)

A New Hearing Service in Tanzania

Partners: Sintef, NTNU, Open University of Tanzania (OUT), Patandi Teachers College

SUNami Village

[ ] Business opportunity (Tone) - selling vouchers for access
[ ] hot-spot from one central point
[ ] meeting with Tone (needs to bring in outside resources) - reduce inequalities

Business & Payment

  • Energy + Income + Digital Learning + Access to All (pay as you go) == sustainable solution
  • GOOGLA - of grid society (50% have the possibility to earn money)
  • UiO user group Caren O’Brian (how much people are willing to pay)

60 Customers in Kenya, Malawi and Uganda

  • 120 W panel and battery
  • 10 bubbles and 2 point charing
  • control unit with switch on/off
  • Payment solution…


  • Cooler Package
  • Hair Shaver
  • Water Pump
  • Entertainment package
  • Wifi Package (offline content distribution)

Digital Learning - pre-sale awareness videos

  • targeted households
  • micro businesses
  • After sales: dedicated entrepreneurship training (8 laptops)

Uganda/Kenya own companies, Malawi (collaboration)

  • Partners: Tunapanda, Kuza biashara, Leap Learning,


  • 11 of 15 earn more income now than before (8-30 NOK per day)
  • food security
  • health and education
  • digital access need


Smartphone-based monitoring of neonatal jaundice (Ikteros)

Differ - Health Facities

Partners: Differ, Eltek, UNDP,

  • PV-based run-ke package for humanitarian and development needs
  • reliable power for health posts
  • lights, fans and fridge (<20 kW system)

Need focus on training material, e.g. panel cleaning

  • service and maintenance

Eltek: powering anything anywhere (larger clinics 5-100 MW)

  • global leader - telecom power
  • 10.000 hybrid solutions
  • solar microgrids

Eltek installations in Zimbabwe

  • supplier for UNDP (140 hospitals wit electricity)

[ ] partnership for development

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