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WP-I3 - Evaluation and Global Perspective

Partners in WP-I3

Tasks in WP-I3

TI3.1 KPIs for digital inclusion

  • Objective: This task will establish the KPIs on how to measure digital inclusion and take-up
  • perform a literature analysis
  • talk to interested groups in the domain
  • Expected results: Literature review (M08)
  • Subtasks:

TI3.2 Technology and Business Aspects

  • Objective: This Task will identify the open issues related to technology and business, resulting from the operation of Phase A of the DigI project.
  • Expected results:
  • Subtasks:

Deliverables in DigI:WP-I3

Working area

Related Initiatives

mHealth Tanzania Public-Private Partnership

Cardno hosts this event as part of the Global Partnership Week 2017 that is centered on the theme of increasing the scale of sustainable country ownership of PPPs. Cardno currently manages an $80M Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded cooperative agreement (2009-2020) under the Public-Private Partnerships in PEPFAR Countries Project (P4). P4 has managed over 15 diverse partnerships in its portfolio, including the mHealth Tanzania Public-Private Partnership.

This panel will include both public and private sector partners of the mHealth Tanzania Public-Private Partnership, an innovative partnership among CDC Tanzania, Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, the Elderly and Children, health NGOs and private sector companies. The partnership supports PEPFAR goals and the Ministry’s initiatives, including the Government of Tanzania Campaign on Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality and the Health Sector Strategic Plan. The partnership leverages economies of scale and pools expertise and resources from diverse partners that harness mobile phone technology, including USSD and SMS platforms, for sustainable and scalable public health programs.