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Digital Inclusion (DigI)
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WP-T3 - Phase A evaluations and Phase B Specifications

Partners in WP-T3

- NMRI - SUA - UiO

Tasks in WP-T3

TT3.2 Phase B specification

  • Objective: This task will create the list of villages in Tanzania for Phase B, and an update of the requirements
  • Expected results: 2 villages (Izazi and Mgoli) in Iringa districts are for HIV, TB and Cysticercosis (M04), one Village in Monduli (Selela) is for for Anthrax (M04)
  • Subtasks:

These WPs will perform the Analysis of the phase A pilots in Tanzania, applying the KPI values from WP-I3. The information from the pilots will include the measured uptake through big data analysis of the statistical connectivity data, a KPI assessment and refinement, and a first “lessons-learned” regarding business ideas and uptake.

Current work is on defining the KPIs for digital literacy, uptake and health information to be analysed in Phase B.

Further work is related to the selection of villages, a.o. based on inputs from collaboration partners like NCA.

Deliverables in DigI:WP-T3

Working area