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Web: https://eyenetworks.no
Keywords: Broadband wireless access

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EyeNetworks leads:
  • BB24.A (Title Remote Configuration of Infrastructure)
  • D22.2 (Title Market Roadmap - initial)
  • D22.4 (Title Market Innovation)
  • D8.1 (Title Managed Wireless Framework)
  • D8.2 (Title Managed Wireless Framework - Year 1)
  • D8.4 (Title Managed Wireless Framework - Year 2)
  • D8.5 (Title Managed Wireless Framework - Demonstrator)
  • T8.1 (Title Managed Wireless for Smart Infrastructures)
  • T8.3 (Title Pilot implementations of novel services)
  • WP08 (Title Managed Wireless for Smart Infrastructure)