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T8.1 Managed Wireless for Smart Infrastructures

Task Title Managed Wireless for Smart Infrastructures
Lead partner Eye Networks
Leader Maghsoud Morshedi
Contributors EyeSaaS, SmartIO, UiO, HiOA, Wolffia, Telenor, CISC
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1. Industrial framework Specification: This task will provide an industrial framework for comprehensive management and control across bubbles and thus across heterogeneous infrastructures.

  • Work to exploit the existing software framework for network management and design that the lead partner EyeSaaS develops. This framework, extended to the bubbles, will have to interact and integrate work from the rest of the Tasks below.
  • Scale up the concept of the home bubble to become the basis for Smart Infrastructures in Home and Buildings.
  • Work to extend the bubbles concept to the more general setup of Smart Infrastructures for Home and Building. This task will be the main bridge to the other Use Cases where home or building services and infrastructures are being developed. We will work to distil from the work of the other partners key requirements for innovation of the bubble concept so to handle the needs of the respective UC2.x.

Deliverables in T8.1 Managed Wireless for Smart Infrastructures

 TitleDue monthLead partnerEditorDissemination level
D8.1Managed Wireless FrameworkM07EyeNetworksGeir Arne RimalaPublic
D8.2Managed Wireless Framework - Year 1M12EyeNetworksGeir Arne RimalaPublic
D8.3Service Enabling Software RoutingM16TelenorDo van ThanhPublic
D8.4Managed Wireless Framework - Year 2M24EyeNetworksGeir Arne RimalaPublic
D8.5Managed Wireless Framework - DemonstratorM34EyeNetworksGeir Arne RimalaPublic

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Expected outcome

  • roadmap for managed wireless (M07)
  • demonstration of managed wireless (M34)