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Deliverable SCOTT:D22.2

SCOTT:D22.2 of SCOTT is part of SCOTT:WP22 in Task SCOTT:T22.1

Title: Market Roadmap - initial

The deliverable is Public, due date is month M24.

Lead partner of this deliverable is EyeNetworks, main and responsible editor is Josef Noll

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The deliverable is found here:

The main goal of this deliverable is to address the market for secure and trusted services and devices, e.g.

  • due to our competence, the major focus is on the home
  • home: increase of "garbage" devices when it comes to security and privacy
    • example of ForbrukerrĂ„det: Doll that collects everything being said in the room - hacking of Amazon Echo, Google Home...
    • market
  • novel services in the home
  • 5G@Home service requirements (Josef, Thanh)
  • Smart Building "re-adressed" with intelligent and integrated access and control

Invite each of the domain leaders to address in short the most promising services/devices