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An antenna (or aerial) is an electrical device which converts electric currents into radio waves, and vice versa. It is usually used with a radio transmitter or radio receiver. In transmission, a radio transmitter applies an oscillating radio frequency electric current to the antenna's terminals, and the antenna radiates the energy from the current as electromagnetic waves (radio waves). In reception, an antenna intercepts some of the power of an electromagnetic wave in order to produce a tiny voltage at its terminals, that is applied to a receiver to be amplified. An antenna can be used for both transmitting and receiving.

Antennas are essential components of all equipment that uses radio. They are used in systems such as radio broadcasting, broadcast television, two-way radio, communications receivers, radar, cell phones, and satellite communications, as well as other devices such as garage door openers, wireless microphones, bluetooth enabled devices, wireless computer networks, baby monitors, and RFID tags on merchandise.


Antennas deployed in

 located atProject(s):ID
Mikrotik AH LTE01St. Paul Oriang' Mixed SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 65: ED: F4  SN: D7D70E5CA1A2/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE02Orando Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: EC: F4  SN: D7D70E176AF4/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE03Malele Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0E: FF  SN: D7D70EC46605/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE04Ulafu Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: F8: FA  SN: D7D70EBE7EEE/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE05Bishop Okoth Girls Mbaga Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0B: BF  SN: D7D70E382B73/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE06Pala Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6E: C6: B3  SN: D7D70ECBA792/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE07Kolweny Kingsway Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0F: 47  SN: D7D70E5914B5/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE08Kit Mikayi Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: CB: 1B: 70: 00: C7  SN: D7D70E52AB6D/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE09Nduru Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0D: F9  SN: D7D70EE86D0/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE10Danis Obara Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 06: 93  SN: D7D70E34699C/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE11Atela Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: FC: 1E  SN: D7D70E0440B4/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE12Wang'apala Boys High SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0F: 51  SN: D7D70EC72363/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE13Apuoyo Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0D: FF  SN: D7D70ED48516/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE15Agoro Oyombe Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0C: 69  SN: D7D70EA3C349/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE16Ringa Girls High SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0E: BD  SN: D7D70E1D5504/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE18Orera Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0D: C5  SN: D7D70EB4DD6D/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE19Dudi Girls Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0E: 0B  SN: D7D70E5C0674/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE20Boro Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: F8: 83  SN: D7D70E071594/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE21St. Barnabas Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: FD: 2F  SN: D7D70E9AA22A/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE22Sinaga Girls Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: F3: 6E  SN: D7D70EBF2999/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE23Dienya Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: FB: 6E  SN: D7D70E7C21EE/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE25Ramula Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0E: 05  SN: D7D70E3186BA/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE26Dhene Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: E7: FE  SN: D7D70E81B7DA/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE27St. Williams Gendro Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 02: BF  SN: D7D70E4A820A/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE28St. Patrick's Sengere Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0E: 91  SN: D7D70EE33AA9/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE29St. Mary's Yala SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: FE: 3F  SN: D7D70E289B29/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE31Ngiya Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: FC: 8D  SN: D7D70EE03CC0/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE32Obambo Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: F7: 20  SN: D7D70E9F452F/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE35Senetor Obama Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 0F: 4B  SN: D7D70E20CF39/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE36St. Mathew Nyasidho Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 00: 69  SN: D7D70EE04F05/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE37Wagwer Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: FF: 45  SN: D7D70E340A1F/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE38Ratta Mixed Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 01: 4F  SN: D7D70EEAB7EC/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE39St. Aloys Reru Girls Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 70: 03: 49  SN: D7D70E771837/117/r3
Mikrotik AH LTE40St. Mark Kagilo Secondary SchoolSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C: C8: 1B: 6F: FA: 9B  SN: D7D70E5FCD30/117/r3
Mikrotik Antenna RB921GS-5HPacD-15s 01TanzaniaBasic Internet
Mikrotik Antenna RB921GS-5HPacD-15s 02TanzaniaBasic Internet
Mikrotik Antenna RB921GS-5HPacD-15s 03TanzaniaBasic InternetSN: 831903436164/801/r2 EO1: 64:D1:54:7C:A6:11
Mikrotik Antenna RB921GS-5HPacD-15s 04Patandi Teachers College@ArushaBasic InternetSN: 9A2A03393CFE/904/r2 EO1: 74:4D:28:28:FC:16
Mikrotik Antenna RB921GS-5HPacD-15s 05Administration Building IzaziDigISN: 9A2A038FA892/904/R2 E01: 74:4D:28:28: FA:A9
Mikrotik Antenna RB921GS-5HPacD-15s 06MUHAS@DarEsSalaamDigISN: 9A2A030F2A71/904/R2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 28: FB: C5
Mikrotik Antenna RB921GS-5HPacD-15s 07MUHAS@DarEsSalaamDigISN: 9A2A03DEABF4/904/R2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 28: FB: F9
Mikrotik Antenna RB921GS-5HPacD-15s 08Esilalei (TZ)DigISN: 9A2A036354FE/904/R2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 2E: 63: 87
Mikrotik Antenna RB921GS-5HPacD-15s 09UNIK@KjellerDigISN: 9A2A03D5C092/904/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 29: 0A: 52
Mikrotik LTE MikroTik RBSXTR&R11E-LTE 01AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 2C:C8:1B:6F:FA:2A SN: 723C038B95E9
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 01Orange Labs@ChâtillonBasic Internet
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 02Basic Internet
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 03Selela Market (TZ)Basic Internet
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 04Administration Building IzaziDigISN: 998309238648/825/r2
E01: B8:69:F4:24:1A:45
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 05Basic Internet
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 06MUHAS@DarEsSalaamDigISN: A1870933F415/846/r2 E01: B8: 69: F4: D6: DA: D6
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 07Sudhir@USADigISN: A18709D9958A/846/r2 E01: B8: 69: F4: D7: 24: 2F
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 08UNIK@KjellerDigISN: A1870A38E17D/901/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 20: 16: CA
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 09Chikanamilo, NdalamboDigISN : A1870A917BED/851/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 12: 84: 3F
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 10Chiwanda Secondary SchoolDigISN : A1870A5CAFF0/851/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 12: 38: 5B
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 11African Child@TanzaniaDigISN : A1870A326C22/851/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 12: 88: 4C
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 12Hpa-an@MyanmarDigISN : A1870A71F6F3/851/r2 E01: 74: 4d: 28: 12: 85: 62
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 13AmboUniversity@EthiopiaDigIE01: 74:4D:28:12:79:7B
S/N A1870A09C6DB/851/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 14SUNami/ Techbridgeinvest - KenyaDigISN : A1870A9F4AA8/851/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 12: 78: D4
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 15Mpanda@TZDigISN :A1870AF8419A/851/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 12: 3D: 2A
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 16Zabai@MyanmarDigIE01: C4:AD:34:4D:AC:BC / E02: C4:AD:34:4D:AC:BD SNR: caaaobf2c425/941/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 17Obunga@KenyaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:2A:59:0B - 0C SNR: c6120b13e972/936/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 18Demo@UgandaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:2B:1F:6C - 6D SNR: C6120B415231/936/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 19Demo@UgandaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:2A:60:FB - FC SNR: C6120B619C9A/936/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 20Souleymane-GiertsenAS@GermanyDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: 2F: CA: FE SN: C6150B318AAF/937/r2 
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 25TzCommunity-1@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:2F:D7:CC
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 26TzCommunity-2@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:2F:D6:54
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 27Kasulu RadioDigIE01: C4:AD:34:2F:D9:F6
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 28TzCommunity-4@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:2B:10:28
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 29TzCommunity-5@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:2F:BF:D9
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 30Eden @TanzaniaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:2B:1E:DE - FC SNR: C6120B4975E4/936/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 31African Child@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: 2A: 60: FD   SN: C6120B44F2AB/936/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 33BOACSE@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0C: 1A: BE   SN: CAAA0CB53AFE/014/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 34Core23Lab@CongoDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C5: 3B   SN: CAAA0BBA3B57/012/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 35Core23Lab@CongoDigIE01: 48:8F:5A:0C:23:02   SN: CAAA0C18CF35/014/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 36Iris hub@RwandaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C5: 3B   SN: CAAA0BBA3B57/012/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 37ISOC@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C0: 1B   SN: CAAA0B40B3F0/012/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 38ISOC@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0B: 33: 4A   SN: CAAA0C683AA3/014/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 39BOACSE@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5D: EE: A3   SN: D7D50C493DF2/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 40KibaoniDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0C: 22: 14
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 41ISOC @TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0B: 3A: B2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 42African Child@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0B: 42: E8
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 43Kigoma grand secondary school @TanzaniaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C2: AD
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 44African Child@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C3: 5D
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 45African Child@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0C: 20: B2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 46TPC Secondary school @TanzaniaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C4: 63
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 47Mizengo Pinda secondary school @TanzaniaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C3: 43
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 48African Child@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C5: 41
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 49Gadarif University@SudanDigiSudanE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C0: 33
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 50Tabora boys secondary school @TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0C: 31: 6A
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 51Morogoro secondary school @TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0C: 35: 88
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 52Mbamba bay secondary school @TanzaniaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C0: 5D
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 53AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C0: B1  SN: CAAA0B1E2496/012/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 54AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C0: 25  SN: CAAA0B41C40B/012/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 55AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: C4: AD: 34: C9: 65: 05  SN: CAAA0BA45D01/003/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 56AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: C4: AD: 34: CB: 21: EC  SN: CAAA0BFEEC3A/004/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 57AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 48:8F:5A:5D:E3:7F  SN: D7D50CFD6D99/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 58AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 48:8F:5A:5D:CD:2B  SN: D7D50C4AC0F9/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 59AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5D: F0: 8D  SN: D7D50CB894B7/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 60AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 48:8F:5A:5D:E8:B9  SN: D7D50CD59400/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 61AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5D: F1: 73  SN: D7D50CC94862/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 62AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5D: C3: 7D  SN: D7D50CCA87EA/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 63UDESO @ TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5D: F0: 59  SN: D7D50CC7C5F7/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 64UDESO @ TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5D: E3: C0 SN: D7D50C9522FD/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 65UDESO @ TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5D: ED: 1B  SN: D7D50CB9FF46/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 66UDESO @ TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5B: DB: AF  SN: D7D50C389B0F/022/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 67UDESO @ TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0C: 1B: 82 SN: CAAA0C856830/014/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 68UDESO @ TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0B: 32: DA  SN: CAAA0C8494C6/014/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 69UDESO @ TanzaniaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C2: 71 SN: CAAA0B7BF25F/012/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 70UDESO @ TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 0B: 32: 14 SN: CAAA0CE074EC/014/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 71UDESO @ TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 09: CB: CC SN: CAAA0C314E10/014/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 72Siaya @ KenyaDigIE01: C4: AD: 34: FC: C2: D9  SN: CAAA0B87BF29/012/r2
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 73ISOC@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 77: B7: 4C   SN: D7D50C9C8149/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 74ISOC@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 78: A3: BE   SN: D7D50C859917/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 75ISOC@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 78: A3: AC   SN: D7D50C199C5C/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 76African Child@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 77: B5: E4   SN: D7D50C21AF85/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 77African Child@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 78: AA: B0   SN: D7D50C199C5C/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 78African Child@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 77: AA: 82  SN: D7D50C6697D4/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 80African Child@TanzaniaDigIE01: 48: 8F: 5A: 77: BF: 16  SN: D7D50CBEB0F3/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 86Dongula University@SudanDigiSudan
Basic Internet access
E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 78: 5F: D2  SN: D7D50CA46043/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 87UNIK@KjellerBasic Internet
School Connectivity TZ
E01: 48:8F:5A:77:A9:32  SN: D7D50C11E141/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 88AfricanChild@TanzaniaBasic Internet
School Connectivity TZ
E01: 48:8f:5a:78:a4:82  SN: D7D50C32D341/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 89OmukaHub@TZBasic Internet
School Connectivity TZ
E01: 48:8f:5a:78:91:2c  SN: D7D50CCF12F0/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 90OmukaHub@TZBasic Internet
School Connectivity TZ
E01: 48:8f:5a:78:a8:5c  SN: D7D50C576A19/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 91GhanaSESAE01: 48:8f:5a:77:b4:86  SN: D7D50C19373F/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 92Bijilo@GambiaSESAE01: 48:8f:5a:77:bf:94  SN: D7D50C4e9fe6/025/r3
Mikrotik R11E-LTE 93Tumaini@TaboraSESAE01: 48:8f:5a:77:a7:c6  SN: D7D50C3959C0025/r3
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 01TanzaniaBasic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 02TanzaniaBasic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 03Esilalei (TZ)Basic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 04UNIK@KjellerBasic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 05TanzaniaBasic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 06TanzaniaBasic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 07MUHAS@DarEsSalaamDigISN: 7C3E08EFB1BE/826
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 08Migoli@TanzaniaDigISN: 7C3E08BAD1DA/826
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 09Migoli@TanzaniaDigISN: 7C3E081A7091/826
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 10MUHAS@DarEsSalaamDigISN: 7C3E08ADE5E5/826
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 11Izazi@TanzaniaDigISN: 7C3E083C2A14/826
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 12UNIK@KjellerDigISN: 7C3E089C6C8F/826
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 13Selela Market (TZ)DigISN: 7C3E08462688/826
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 14UNIK@KjellerDigISN : 7C3E0974A97E/850 E01: B8: 69: F4: FE: 08: EA
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 15UNIK@KjellerDigISN : 7C3E092AAAB5/850  E01: B8: 69: F4: FE: 0F: 7B
Mikrotik Router RBSXTsq5nD 16UNIK@KjellerDigISN : 83AC0AC7A61C/911 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 6A: 9B: 91
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 01Patandi Teachers College@ArushaBasic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 02MUHAS@DarEsSalaamBasic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 03Patandi Teachers College@ArushaBasic InternetSN: 7DF108D89F56/820
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 04Patandi Teachers College@ArushaBasic InternetSN: 7DF10810B0FC/820
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 05MUHAS@DarEsSalaamBasic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 06MUHAS@DarEsSalaamBasic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 07Patandi Teachers College@ArushaBasic InternetSN: 7DF108995AE9/826
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 08Patandi Teachers College@ArushaBasic InternetSN: 7DF105B42638/825
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 09Patandi Teachers College@ArushaBasic InternetSN: 7DF108013F98/825
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 10Patandi Teachers College@ArushaBasic InternetSN: 7DF109762679/832
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 11Esilalei (TZ)DigISN: 7DF109A1F1A7/832
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 12Selela Market (TZ)DigISN: 7DF10984EFC1/832
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 17Administration Building IzaziDigISN: 7DF1095B34A3/832
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 18ITS@KjellerDigISN : A630099B34B9/903 ETH1: B8: 69: F4: 95: 69: 59
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 19ITS@KjellerDigISN : A630080F88D6/903 ETH1: CC: 2D: E0: F3: 93: AC
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 20KorgenBasic InternetSN : A630092D46BE/903 ETH1: B8:69:F4:95:69:68
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 22ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70CAC37B7/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 6E: 42
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 23ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70CECDC58/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 7D: E3
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 24ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C5034F2/022/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5A: B6: C5
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 25ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70CD8EBAC/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 7C: F0
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 26ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C6AEE29/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 63: 47
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 27ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C9ADC18/022/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5A: AC: 3F
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 28ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C128E5D/022/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5A:B0: 8B
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 29ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C92C591/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56:80: A7
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 30ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C90A488/022/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5A: B4: 41
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 31ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C98835D/022/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5A: B7: 25
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 32ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C74FD31/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 78: EC
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 33ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C2EDF64/022/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5A: B7: CE
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 34ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C3F9580/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 77: DE
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 35ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C94D293/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 75: 61
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 36ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70CE1F546/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 63: 3E
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 37ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70CB7366E/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 75: BA
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 38ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C1E5DA3/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 78: AB
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 39ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C5B97DB/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 55: FE: 56
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 40ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70C51D218/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 56: 7D: D2
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 41ITS@KjellerDigISN: D8F70CBFC1B2/021/r2 E01: 48: 8F: 5A: 5A: B8: 87
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 42AHERI@KisumuSchoolConnectivity KE 2021SN: d9700d8385e7/042/r3 E01: 08:55:31:14:e2:58
Mikrotik SXT 5HPnD r2 01Basic Internet4C 5E 0C DF 00 D2
Mikrotik SXT 5HPnD r2 02Basic Internet4C 5E 0C DB FC A8