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We have standardised on Mikrotik equipment, e.g. Devices we have used include

List of Routers

See list of routers of type RDB52G in RDB52G

all routers of BasicInternet
 located atpriorProject(s):SerialIdentity
AirTies Air 4920 01Linjevn6Managed Wifi AccessS/N AT1741512001027
AirTies Air 4920 02Managed Wifi AccessS/N AT1741512001084
AirTies Air 4920 03Managed Wifi AccessS/N AT1741512001076
AirTies Air 4920 TRIO 01Basic InternetS/N#: AT1921618000355
S/N#: AT1921618000356
S/N#: AT1921618000357
BRCK v1 01Basic Internet00102000314
BRCK v1 02Basic Internet00102000303
DWR-923ITS-WikiIMEI 358725041013905
HUAWEI MediaPad T3 7 BG2-W09 04Basic Internet
Mikrotik PowerBox Pro RB960PGS-PB 01Basic Internet
Mikrotik PowerBox Pro RB960PGS-PB 02Basic Internet
Mikrotik RB1100AHx2 01Basic Internet...D5
Mikrotik RB1100AHx2 02Basic Internet...D5
Mikrotik RB1100AHx2 03Basic Internet4C 5E 0C 75 58 C9
Mikrotik RB1100AHx2-CoreKjellerUNIK@KjellerBasic Internet4C 5E 0C 75 A6 C9
Mikrotik Router RB951 01UNIK@KjellerBasic InternetCC:2D:E0:C3:F7:24 ... :29
Mikrotik Router RB951G-2HnD 01Basic Internet
4c 5e 0c 6e 0a 26
... 2B
Mikrotik Router RB951G-2HnD 02ITS@KjellerBasic Internet
4c 5e 0c 6e 0a F2
... F7
Mikrotik Router RB951G-2HnD 03Basic Internet
4c 5e 0c 34 d1 02
... 07
Mikrotik Router RB951Ui-2HnD 01Basic Internet
4c 5e 0c 31 73 fc
4c 5e 0c 31 74 01
Mikrotik Router RB951Ui-2HnD 02Basic Internet
4c 5e 0c 31 f1 6c
4c 5e 0c 31 f1 71
Gravid+2 /
Mikrotik Router RB951Ui-2HnD 03Alna HelsestasjonBasic Internet
Trygt Svangerskap
4c:5e:0c:31:74:f2 - f7
Mikrotik Router RB951Ui-2HnD 04Basic Internet
D4 CA 6D D7 76 BE
...C3 / Gravid+4 /
Mikrotik Router RB951Ui-2HnD 05Basic Internet
D4 CA 6D DC E5 20
Mikrotik Router RB951Ui-2HnD 06Rælingen helsestasjonTrygt SvangerskapSN 4AC904859DD8/348
4c:5e:0c:31:74:EC - F1
Rælingen (29)
Mikrotik Router RB960 01Basic Internet
Mikrotik Router RB960PGS 01Basic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 01Zyyad Ali ShahBasic Internetused in TEK5110
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 02Administration Building IzaziDigISerial: 8FDE090F0287/826
E01: B8:69:F4:26:1D:67
BICore_TZ_Izazi (sstptanzania11)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 03Selela Market (TZ)DigISerial: 939209B319E8/838/r2
E01: B8:69:F4:55:E9:E4
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 04Nyerere High School MigoliDigISerial: 9392092014A6/835/r2
E01: B8:69:F4:7F:B1:3B
BICore_TZ_Migoli (sstptanzania14)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 05Esilalei (TZ)DigISerial: 9392099724C1/835
E01: B8:69:F4:7F:9A:03
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 06Patandi Teachers College@ArushaDigISerial: 939209ADA8B1/835/r2
E01: B8:69:F4:7F:9C:A0
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 07Orange Labs@ChâtillonBasic Internet
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 08SEVYA YOUTH CENTRE@TanzaniaDigIE01: B8:69:F4:26:1C:D1 - W01: B8:69:F4:26:1C:D6172.29.100.31 (sstptanzania31)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 09MUHAS@DarEsSalaamDigISN: B4A00AA85813/914/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: 83: C5: 53
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 10Sudhir@USADigISN: B4A00A21ec55/912/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 289: 75: 07: b3
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 11Chiwanda Secondary SchoolDigISN : B4A00AC52771/920/R2
BasicInternet_TZ_Chiwanda_Secondary_School (sstptanzania16)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 12African Child@TanzaniaDigISN : B4A00A68A563/920/r2 E01: 74:4D:28:A7:50:69BasicInternet_TZ_AfricanChild (sstptanzania15)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 13Hpa-an@MyanmarDigISN :B4A00A418D2F/920/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: A7: 59: 91
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 14UNIK@KjellerDigISN : B4A00AEE5EF/920/r2
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 15Chikanamilo, NdalamboDigIsn : B4A00A327966/920/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: A6: E9: 0E
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 16TechbridgeInvest@KenyaDigISN : B4A00A948D13/920/r2
E01: 74: 4D: 28: A7: 58: FE
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 17UNIK@KjellerDigISN : B4A00A5814D9/920/r2 E01: 74: 4D: 28: A6: E9:77
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 18Youth Centre Mpanda - Katavi Usevya @TZDigISN: 8FDE09774D54/826
 E01: B8:69: F4: 26:1C:D1
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 19ITS@KjellerDigIEO1: 74:4D:28:EC:05:21 - SN: BEEB0A3C07B4/927/r2BasicInternet
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 20Hamed@IfiDigISN: BEEB0A244142/927/r2 E01: 74:D4:28:EC:07:51172.29.100.39 (sstptanzania39)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 21Demo@UgandaDigISN: BEEB0A9B2CC1/927/r2 E01: 74:4D:28:EC:06:47sstp_tanzania1 with certificate digi1
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 22Zabai@MyanmarDigISN: BEEB0A70C125/927/r2 E01: 74:4D:28:EC:03:4CBasicInternet_Myanmar (sstptanzania13)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 23AmboUniversity@EthiopiaDigIE01:74:4D:28:EC:04:8E
SN: BEEB0AAA8BC4/927/r2
BasicInternet_ETH_AmboUniversity (sstptanzania12)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 24XxxxDigIE01:74:4D:28:xxxx
BasicInternet_xxxx (sstpxxxx)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 25Obunga@KenyaDigIE01:74:4D:28:E8>:4B:BC - W01: C2
SN: BEEB0AA8AF74/927/r2
BasicInternet_Kenya_21 (sstptanzania21)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 26Jonas JensenDigIE01:74:4D:28:E8:4D:36 - W01: 3C
SN: BEEB0AEEA1C6/927/r2
BasicInternet_Uganda_26 (sstptanzaniaxxxx)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 27JosefDigIE01:74:4D:28:E8:4C:80 - W01: 86
SN: BEEB0A33862F/927/r2
BasicInternet_Uganda_27 (sstptanzaniaxxxx)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 28Hamed@IfiDigIE01 c4:ad:34:5a:73:78
W01: 7E
SN: BEEB0B5750C2/942/r2
BasicInternet_Tanzania_XXXX (sstptanzaniaxxxx)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 29Kenya-NgiyaDigIE01: 74:4D:28:E8:58:3B - W02: 74:4D:28:E8:58:41172.29.100.24 (sstptanzania24)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 30Kenya-KisumuDigIE01: 74:4D:28:E8:58:AB - W01: 74:4D:28:E8:58:B0172.29.100.25 (sstptanzania25)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 32TzCommunity 1@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:EF - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:F4172.29.100.34 (sstptanzania34)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 33TzCommunity-2@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:5A:74:27 - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:74:2C172.29.100.35 (sstptanzania35)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 34TzCommunity-3@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:5A:74:3C - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:74:41172.29.100.36 (sstptanzania36)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 35TzCommunity-4@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:DA - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:DF172.29.100.37 (sstptanzania37)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 36TzCommunity-5@TanzaniaDigIE01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:F6 - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:FB172.29.100.38 (sstptanzania38)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 37Hamed@IfiDigIE01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:B7 - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:BC172.29.100.40 (sstptanzania40)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 38Hamed@IfiDigI172.29.105.1 (sstpkenya1)
Mikrotik Router RBD52G 39Hamed@IfiDigIE01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:78 - W01: C4:AD:34:5A:73:7D172.29.105.2 (sstpkenya2)
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 13MUHAS@DarEsSalaamDigISN: 7DF1096E7612/832
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 14MUHAS@DarEsSalaamDigISN: 7DF1095B7900/832
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 15Migoli@TanzaniaDigISN: 7DF109042075/832
Mikrotik Router RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD 16Migoli@TanzaniaDigISN: 7DF109298D6B/832