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Research Domain: Internet - IoPTS

Ongoing projects:
 Titleled by:supported by:
DESSIDistributed Energy System and Security InfrastructureJosef NollUiO
SESASmart Energy Solutions for AfricaGiorgia RambelliEU commission
PriTEMPrivacy preserving Transactive Energy Management (PriTEM)Sabita MaharjanUiO:Energy
NURTURENurturing SDGs through Capacity Building of Higher Education in EthiopiaShegaw A. MengisteNORHED II
Mum-CareMum's Cardiovascular Health for LifeAnnetine StaffHelse Sør-Øst
Basic InternetBasic Internet, "Connect The Future"Josef NollOwn
Finished projects:
 Titleled by:supported by:
PSHIELDpilot Security Architecture for embedded systemsJosef NollNFR
JU Artemis
UAV-SME benefitUAV, research for the benefit of SMEJosef Noll
ConnectedLifeDevelopment of the Research Group ConnectedLife at UNIKJosef NollITS
Creative KnowledgeSensors, Dashboard for Creative SocietyHalvor KalveNFR
Wiki/Maintenance and SecurityMaintenance and securityJosé Moreno RetameroITS
Moodle ManualMoodle Manual for e-learningSusana Rodriguez de NovoaITS
ITS-WikiCSS style sheets for wikiJosef NollITS
FreeSecEDUBuilding the security-aware society based on free Web access to security coursesJosef NollITS
Basic Internet accessFree access to information on the InternetJosef NollITS
Wiki update 2014Update the Wiki, Property fix and new design elementsJosef NollITS
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The Internet development goes towards the Internet of People, Things and Services, creating an Internet which can provide a variety of services based on inputs from people, sensors or other Internet platforms.

The background of "the Internet of People, Things and Services (IoPTS) eco- Systems" and took place in Brussels in 2009. It focusses on trust, privacy and security as aspects of the future Internet.

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