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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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Collaboration opportunities

The vision of IoTSec - Security in IoT for Smart Grids is to promote the development of a safe and secure Internet-of-Things (IoT)-enabled smart power grid infrastructure. IoTSec will apply the research in the envisaged Security Centre for Smart Grids, co-located with the Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE Smart).


The founding partners of the initiative

collaborate with the following Universities, industrial members and EU projects related to IoTSec.

Benefits of partnership

Our aim is to contribute to a secure and privacy-aware ecosystem for the Internet of Things. If you want to become part of the Initiative, please contact us. We envision your challenges, your industrial requirements, your knowledge or your infrastructure.

Invitation for Collaboration

We invite national and international partners for collaborations in the IoTSec initiative. The initiative has collected leading partners from Academia and Industry

  • to increase the knowledge on security and privacy related to IoT
  • to provide security- and privacy-aware models, methods and services
  • to translate academic developments into industrial applicability
  • to contribute to innovative services from IoT- and big-data collected in a privacy-aware manner

Together we aim to create the knowledge base on security and privacy, being published on our collaboration platform We have several ways of collaboration

  • Regular phone conferences for the core team, every month
  • Topic-related workshops addressing aspects like measurable security, clustering of big data,..., about every 2nd month
  • Collaborative documents addressing achievements in the initiatives
  • Regular face-to-face meetings about every 3rd month, including a short industrial session focussing on "industrial requirements"
  • Workshops at national and international conferences

We offer industrial partners

  • a tight collaboration with the leading academic partners in Norway and abroad
  • an entry to state-of-the-art research
  • real-world access to the smart-grid infrastructures managed by eSmart Systems

We expect from industrial partners

  • a contact person willing to discuss specific topics
  • participation in 1-2 sessions per year (physical or virtual)

We offer public entities

  • a fora for discussion of security and privacy challenges
  • an overview over upcoming services and infrastructures
  • a tight collaboration with the leading academic partners

We expect to get a contact person in the organisation, whom we can call for specific topics, or whom we invite for face-to-face meetings or participation in conferences about 2-3 times a year

We offer academia

  • real-life experiences from industry and
  • the Nordic environment for collaboration
  • a nice place to exchange yourself with colleagues
  • funding for student, PhD and academic staff exchange

We expect from academic collaboration partners a contact person, contributions to workshops and conferences, opportunities for staff exchange, as well as scientific discussions on dedicated topics, e.g. adaptive security or provable semantics.