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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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This pages gives a short overview on how we work together in IoTSec. It contains an introduction to the wiki, a link to meetings, and other relevant information. If you have questions, please add it here:

Q: Where are the facts on IoTSec?

A: You'll find duration, contributing partners and other facts on the IoTSec:Factpage

Q: How can I edit the Wiki?

A: See IoTSec:How_to_edit

Q: How do we handle confidential and secure information?

A: See IoTSec:Secure_and_Confidential_information

Focus areas of IoTSec

  • Risk analysis for IoT ecosystem (Einar Snekkenes, HiG)
  • Semantic Security description (Olaf Owe, Josef Noll, UiO)
  • Adaptive Security (Habtamu Abie, NR)
  • Privacy Negotiations (Yan Zhang, Simula)
  • Measurable Security and Privacy (Josef Noll, UiO, Seraj Fayyad , Movation)
  • Smart Grid Security Centre (Dieter Hirdes, Heidi Tuiskula, NCE Smart)

Working Together in IoTSec
Josef Noll,
Working Together
kick-off 5-6.Oct 2015

⌘ Working Together


  • Collaborative project, building the knowledge community in IoT Security
  • physical and virtual meetings
  • virtual: wiki
  • Meetings/Workshops
  • PhD and PostDocs
  • international exchange

⌘ Wiki

  • is based on MediaWiki (as Wikipedia)
    • knowledge base and publication platform
    • with Semantic Extensions: machine readable
    • consistent information
  • How to use
    • inform people by email, but put information on Wiki, use Email lists created by Cristian
    • 'IoTSec follows 'open world approach. Confidential information on (IoTAdmin)
  • Structured information through forms
  • Tips on how to edit: IoTSec:How_to_edit

⌘ Notes and Limitations:


  • all users can add new users Special:UserLogin/signup, however, access to IoTSec and IoTAdmin has to be provided by an administrator


  • wiki language



  • Phone conference every first Wednesday at 10:00h (tbc)
  • Physical Consortium meeting every three months (4 times/year)
  • PhD working together 2-3 days every month, preferably including PostDocs and industrial points of contacts (POCs)
  • suggestion: find industrial co-supervisor for PhD students

⌘PhD and PostDoc interworking

  • suggest to have every month a PhD 2-3 days working together
  • presentation of status of each PhD student
  • half a day for summary with supervisors (those who have time)
  • offices at UNIK are available


  • Reserved Budget for PhD/PostDoc/Professor exchange
  • please plan and invite
  • we can ask for additional budget from NFR


NFR reporting.png

  • Reporting at the end of each quarter (Q1, Q2,...)
  • Achievement-based
    • minor focus on activities (summary)
    • manpower estimation
  • Using Wiki reporting scheme (to be developed)