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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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Confidential and secure information

The steering board has decided on the Steering board meeting 27Oct2016 to adapt the following guidelines and continues work on these topics.

Confidential information

Confidentiality of IoTSec documents
  • Documents which are given to the project being confidential to the project shall be watermarked by IoTSec confidential, shall not be distributed outside of the project without consent"
  • Deliverables being confidential shall be stored on the project server, e.g.

Security-critical information

Each project participant is asked to not publish security-critical information. If a participant regards information as potentially security-critical, he shall ask IoTSec's security officer for advice.

We have to follow the rules from NVE, outlining the rules and regulations, see Action Item to address NVE rules and regulations. The rules include a.o. a non-disclosure agreement for certain information.

Security critical information shall be watermarked "security-critical - do not distribute", and shall only be given to project partners on request. The distribution shall be noted to our COO (Christian Johansen), who keeps a list of the documents and whom they have been distributed to.

The IoTSec security officer is Otto Andreas Rustand, ask him for advice.