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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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WP1 - Semantic Descriptions

Partners in WP1

Tasks in WP1

T1.1 Semantic description of infrastructure, attack detection, system view

  • Objective: This task will create the semantic descriptions for the infrastructure components and the attack surface, and thus establish the semantic model for the IoT System
  • Expected results: a minimum of 3 papers, including one journal paper (M12-36), the completion of a PhD candidate within the project period (M48), a non-trivial case study (M12)
  • Subtasks:

T1.2 Measurable: security, privacy and dependability, metrics

  • Objective: This task will establish the Multi-Metrics Model for the Smart Grid use case. The task includes
  • the adaptation to the real world infrastructure
  • the analysis of the most relevant sub-systems
  • application specific goals for security, privacy and dependability
  • Expected results: System analysis for main sub-systems on current infrastructure (M12), identification of 3-5 use cases, to be further elaborated in T3.1 (M12), Feedback from industry on applicability of system analysis (M12), Extension of the Smart Grid system to include at least 2 new functionalities (M24), Identification of challenges for industrial applicability (M24)
  • Subtasks:

Deliverables in IoTSec:WP1

 TitleDue monthLead partnerDissemination level
D1.1.1Semantic Description of InfrastructureM12IfiPublic
D1.1.2Semantic Description of Infrastructure (final)M24IfiPublic
D1.2.1Methods for measurable security (draft)M12ITSPublic
D1.2.2Methods for measurable security (final) M24ITSPublic

Working area

Common Vocabulary

The IoTSec partners are constantly keeping a Common Vocabulary with terminology from across all WPs.