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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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WP0 - Project management, Dissemination and Exploitation

Partners in WP0

Tasks in WP0

T0.1 Project management, Collaboration platform, supervision of PhD students

  • Objective: This task has the overall responsibility for collaboration

The task will

  • manage the project
  • create and maintain the collaboration platform at
  • supervise PhD students
  • Expected results: a collaboration platform supporting up-to-date and online information (M3), the recruitment of 3 PhD students (M9), established the competence profile and collaboration between at least 11 professors/senior researchers (M12), established an Security in IoT track in the COINS Research school (M10)
  • Subtasks:

T0.2 Dissemination, Scientific Papers, workshops, liaisons, industrial take-up

  • Objective: The main objectives of this task are
  • to disseminate the research results on conferences and through papers and journal articles
  • to broaden the reach through national and international liaisons
  • to involve industry through targeted dissemination
  • to pave the way for industrial take-up through the security centre for Smart Grid
  • Expected results: Scientific research results are disseminated to at least 4 conferences and 2 journals (M12), Research direction of new research topics are established (M6), At least two project proposals have been initiated (M12), At least one business workshop for industrial awareness was organised (M12), Business ecosystem and key players are identified (M8, in collaboration with T4.1), Initial research perspectives have been discussed with industry to establish the Smart Grid Security Centre (M12, in collaboration with T4.2), Research results developed in this project will be presented and transferred to business initiatives (M24), Smart Grid Security Centre serves as meeting point for 5 new research initiatives and new cooperation initiatives (M24), Smart Grid Security Centre will establish international visibility through participation in at least 3 EU events (M12)
  • Subtasks: 0.2.1 Scientific Dissemination, 0.2.2 Industrial Dissemination, 0.2.3 Liaison

Deliverables in WP0

 TitleDue monthLead partnerDissemination level
D0.1.1Collaborative Knowledge PlatformM03ITSPublic
D0.1.2Annual Reporting Year 1M12ITSRestricted
D0.1.3Annual Reporting Year 2M24ITSRestricted
D0.10Scientific Paper #7M24IfiPublic
D0.2.1Workshop Invitations and Minutes Year 1M12NCE SmartPublic
D0.2.2Workshop Invitations and Minutes Year 2M24NCE SmartPublic
D0.4Scientific Paper #1M12IfiPublic
D0.5Scientific Paper #2M12ITSPublic
D0.6Scientific Paper #3M12SIMULAPublic
D0.7Scientific Paper #4M12NTNUPublic
D0.8Scientific Paper #5M12IfiPublic
D0.9Scientific Paper #6M12NRPublic
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