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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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WP2 - Security Models

Partners in WP2

  • T2.3 Semantic Provability (Ifi, ITS, NR)

Tasks in WP2

T2.1 Development of privacy-aware models and measures

  • Objective: This task will establish privacy-aware models and related measures of privacy. It will also introduce privacy design patterns for industrial devices and programs. The task will also address security models for business interactions between shareholders.
  • Expected results: construction of privacy by Design patterns for IoT applications and the deployment of user-centric privacy technology (M12), cooperation and competition framework among different players in the smart grid (M12), processes integrating technology, business model, security model and privacy reqyirements (M24)
  • Subtasks:

T2.2 Adopting and enhancing adaptive security for system of systems

  • Objective: This task will review, extend and establish models for
  • adaptive security through predication and advanced behavioural analysis of big-real-data
  • real-time security monitoring of the entire grid operations
  • prevention, detection and recovery from the failures of security and privacy protections
  • Expected results: Working prototype of adaptive security models (M24), Working prototype of adaptive user interface (M30), Optimized adaptive security models (M48), 8 conference papers (M6-M48) and 5 journal papers (1 paper per year), Functional architecture of adaptive security models (M12)
  • Subtasks: T2.2.1 Develop and implement anticipatory adaptive security, T2.2.2 develop adaptive user interface with contextual intelligence, T2.2.3 Optimize adaptive security models

T2.3 Formal technologies for semantic provability

  • Objective: This task will establish formal technologies for semantic provability
  • Expected results: a non-trivial case study (M12), a tool for semantic provability (M48), a minimum of 3 papers, including one journal paper (M12-36)
  • Subtasks:

Deliverables in WP2

 TitleDue monthLead partnerDissemination level
D2.1.1Technical Report - Privacy Awareness (draft)M12NRRestricted
D2.1.2Privacy-preservation frameworkM12SIMULAPublic
D2.1.3Technical Report - Privacy Awareness (final)M24NRPublic
D2.1.4Privacy-preservation yet accountable frameworkM36SIMULAPublic
D2.2.1Anticipatory adaptive security models (draft)M12NRRestricted
D2.2.2Anticipatory adaptive security M24NRPublic
D2.2.3Adpative user interface reportM30NRPublic
D2.2.4Optimised adaptive security modelsM48NRPublic
D2.3.1Semantic Provability Framework (draft)M24IfiPublic
D2.3.2Semantic Provability Framework (final)M36IfiPublic
D2.3.3Semantic Provability applied to Smart GridsM48IfiPublic