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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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WP3 - System versus Goal Analysis

Partners in WP3

Tasks in WP3

T3.1 Multi-metrics applied for application-driven infrastructures

  • Objective: This task will create the Multi-metrics models for Smart Grids. The Multi-Metrics analysis will be applied for application-driven infrastructures, e.g. reporting, monitoring, and control through the smart grid.
  • Expected results: a minimum of 3 services being defined, e.g. billing, reporting, alarm (M12), formulation of privacy-preserving modelling and negotiation (M12), a minimum of 5 services being analyses as a comparison between goals and system capabilities (M24), privacy-preserving modell with test case (M24)
  • Subtasks:

T3.2 Security usability in IoT ecosystem

  • Objective: This task will
  • analyse conflicting incentives for IoT, based on the IoTSec ecosystem of T4.1
  • establish a platform for multi-shareholder risk analysis
  • create impact assessement for shareholder in the IoTSec ecosystem
  • provide estimates of the impact of IoTSec research results in economic terms
  • Expected results: Functional description of risk platform for IoT multi-operator (M12), A platform for cost effective risk analysis platform based on CIRA/PETweb II results, suitable for IoT critical infrastructure projects (M24), Risk analysis of the system to be used by the infrastructure operators in their decision making (M36), A projection of the impact of technological project results, expressed in economic terms (M24)
  • Subtasks: T3.2.1 - Conflicting Incentives Risk Analysis for IoT, T3.2.2 - Impact assessment

Deliverables in WP3

 TitleDue monthLead partnerDissemination level
D3.1.1Multi-metrics analysis of applications on the smart-grid infrastructure (draft)M12ITSPublic
D3.1.2Application analysis on the smart-grid infrastructure (draft)M24MovationPublic
D3.2.1Psychological Profiling for Risk Analysis (draft)M24NTNUPublic
D3.2.2Incentives and Usability for IoT Security (intermediate)M36NTNUPublic