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Security in IoT for Smart Grids
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IoTSec:IoTSec Consortium ITS 2020

Title IoTSec Consortium ITS 2020
Date, Time 2020/03/31, 1100-1500
Contact Person Christian Johansen
Participants Christian Johansen, Josef Noll, Manish Shrestha, Habtamu Abie, Olaf Owe, Elahe Fazeldehkordi, Adam Szekeres, Einar Snekkenes, Maunya Doroudi Moghadam, Svetlana Boudko, Pallavi Kaliyar, Øivind Berg
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Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of the meeting IoTAdmin:20200331MeetingITS_Notes

Agenda 31March2020

11:00 Welcome (Christian)
11:05 PhD Student Theses presentations (10min presentations + 10min questions)
11:05 Manish Shrestha from eSmart Systems
11:25 Elahe Fazeldehkordi from UiO
11:45 Adam Szekeres from NTNU
12:05 Pallavi Kaliyar (guest PhD student from Padova, IT) on
Intrusion Detection Systems for IoT
12:30 Lunch (individually)
13:30 Common Recommendations from the IoTSec project and Start activities
13:40 Maunya Doroudi Moghadam on Security Classification hackaton
14:00 Plenary discussions with all participants on
  • Three Take-aways from Each Partner
(Based on the work that it was done in the project by the partner; what was learned and what can be told to others from our experience?)
  • All. Discuss which to bring out most, how to bring these out, who/when writes the texts.
14:30 AOB - Discussion
Next Meetings
Topics to address
15:00 End of Meeting

IoTSec future topics

  • Build the argumentation for the SGSC (Rune follow-on)
  • Future Presentations and discussions on Security Classes, Measurable Security, Privacy Label
  • Creating the Security Assessment Methodology for the AMS based on a) White Paper and b) Security Classes
  • CEO profiling and HMSS (helse, miljø og sikkerhet - safety and security)
  • Extending the reach:
    • ask for topics of interest from NVE, ...
    • topics on NCE Smart workshops, e.g. Invade event
    • collaboration with EU projects (Invade, SCOTT, ....)
  • Applying safety methodology (SIL..) to security

Action Items