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Smart Meter
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Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 21.56.25.png Hvordan kan private hjem bidrar til framtidens energisystemer?
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ED-Nettverket Oslo, 20Mar2023
Smart Home, Smart Meter 20 March 2023 Josef Noll
Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 01.11.46.png Measurable Security for the Internet of Things
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Guest Lecture at UPM - 29May2020
Measurable Security, Multi-Metrics analysis, Smart Meter, Personal Mobility 28 May 2020 Josef Noll
Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 15.32.12.png E2U information and service offers
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IoTSec Consortium f2f meeting summer
Smart Meter, Home Gateway 6 June 2018 Audun Andersen
AMI overview.png AMI Topology
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IoTSec Mar2017
Smart Meter, Smart grid 29 March 2017 Manish Shrestha
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  • TEK5370 (TEK5370 – Grid, Smartgrid and IoT)
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