Air Quality Recommender System Okt2014

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Air Quality Recommender System Okt2014

Title Air Quality Recommender System Okt2014
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2014/10/10, 1400-1500
Contact Person Eivind Engesæter
Participants Josef Noll, Eivind Engesæter
related to Project Citi-Sense-MOB
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What to do

(including notes from 5Nov2014)

  • Literature - references
    • models to describe distribution of air pollution in time and space
    • air pollution related to traffic density

Sources for traffic density

  • trafikkflyt ...

Plan for measurements

  • where to cycle
  • when to cycle
  • how to correlate with traffic density

Modelling of air quality

  • basic air quality (NILU model)
  • as function of space & time (ask Hai-Ying)

Data catching

  • sensor communication (Seraj, D4.4, D4.3, D4.6)

Comparison model versus measured

Ideas for Mobile App

  • del av D4.6 - mock-up using Balsamiq (from inf5120 course, ask Josef)

Sensor data

see CITI-Sense-Mob_sensor_testing


  1. TOC of Thesis
  • use official emplate for thesis (.tex, .docx)
  1. Write the scenario
  2. Specify what to demonstrate
  • subset of the scenario (given road alternatives)
  1. Background technologies
  • Semantic presentation of data
  • Air Quality models


  • Citi-Sense-MOB (confluence): D4.3, D4.4 (interfaces), D4.6 (app)