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Ongoing discussions

here we have some internal notes on the status of the activities



Point of departure: African Innovation Week 2019 and meetings with Ministers, follow-up through Desta

  • Established a proposal for connecting 500 secondary schools through radio,
  • collaboration with the Educational society in Ethiopia (see: BasicInternet:Meetings)


Kenya: Business mission with Innovation Norway and Norwegian African Business Association (NABA)

  • Point of departure: Brenda joined the business mission in Kenya
  • Agreements with AHERI on community roll-out in the Kizumu area
  • Hackathon as part of AHERI conference - meeting entry???


  • collaboration with Iris Hub, see DigI:Villages - Brenda follows up
  • Connecting 3-5 schools together with Iris Hub (Benjamin) in Spring 2020
  • CMU Carnegie ... University in Kigali, interest for collaboration and connections to the government.
  • University of Rwanda - some initial contacts
  • EAC Internet Society - contact via Brenda

South Africa

  • Mandela Institute for Development Studies
  • Brenda to follow-up with Ian

South African Norwegian Association

  • Sanjay and Brenda to draft up an MOU between BIF and SANA
  • Sanjay and Brenda to follow-up no the opportunities for funding and build up a portfolio for projects


  • Hackathon DigI:TZ-Hackathon_Feb2020 - Josef, Christine, Brenda has joined
  • Call for action launched on "Apply now: Tanzania Digital Health" - who?
  • Shipment of equipment - Rashid, ... - suggest to ship via Muhas
  • UCSAF: Proposal for 10 schools connectivity - driven by Catherine R. Kimambo


Point of departure: Meeting with the Ministry of ICT on 24-26Feb2020, as well as UCC

  • no further activities as of now



Point of departure: Bruce Schulte connected to discuss connectivity within Ecuador, and to the Galapagos Islands (May2020)

  • Meetings with Rotary to extend connecting schools



Sudhir is driving the work, mainly due to the collaboration with academic institutes

  • 3Feb2020 for the 5GHuddle with 3 talks
  • Collaboration with IIT Indore on digital and financial inclusion


  • Monastic School have their own programme
  • Telenor is interested in buz cooperation for connecting 20 schools
  • Adra Norway follows up with "educational collaboration" involving Zabai, Telenor and Gov.


6G (Beyond5G)

  • Sudhir and Josef commenting on the White Paper WG1 on "6G and the SDGs"
  • 6G conference in Levi in the middle of March2020 - Sudhir organises a session on Digital Inclusion


Caritas Kinderdorf connected in 2017, reaching out to 60 children/teens and 30-40 supervisors in 7 houses, - transferred to "user-owned network"

  • used as reference for digital inclusion and "10 Mbps for 10 €/month"


how to establish a proposal


  • deadline
  • idea of a core objective
  • Company: we will involve a company // Foundation: us to lead // NGO: collaboration with Red Cross, Kirkens nødhjelp, Plan - African Child // Academic: University of Oslo....
  • Follow the steps atHow to establish a proposal


$86,000 for EduTech Innovations for South African Learners, 31/10/2021

EduTech Innovation Challenge The EduTech Innovation Challenge seeks innovative solutions that will result in quality home or centre-based learning opportunities for children ages 0 to 6 living in South Africa, including:

  1. Empower and equip parents with the tools they need to make the most of these powerful learning opportunities that lie in their everyday interactions with their young child, aged 0 to 6.
  2. Leverage technology as a means to connect and drive engagement from teachers and/or parents.
  3. Equip and inspire teachers with the relevant tools they need to provide a relevant, quality and accessible early learning experience.
  4. Connect teachers and parents to both play unified and active roles in a child’s learning and development journey.
  5. Transform how early learning resources are engaged with in the home or in group-based programmes

Selected applicants will be supported to pitch their educational technology solutions to the Innovation Edge Investment Committee in March 2021. Successful ventures will each receive up to 1.3 million SA Rand in funding, strategic coaching, customised venture building support and connections to social capital.

ICT works link:

Application link:

600,000€ for African Health and Well-Being Innovations, 8/11/2021

African Health and Well-Being Funding The Call for Health and Well-being Innovators from the Coopen project, aims to identify innovators that active either in Italy or Africa, and who have developed solutions tackling one of the following 7 challenges:

  1. Promote the training of qualified medical and healthcare personnel
  2. More efficient medical instruments and devices
  3. Maintenance of medical equipment and instruments
  4. Building of healthcare environments and infrastructures
  5. Collection and management of the clinical data
  6. Access to treatment and communication
  7. Prevention across local communities and vulnerable groups

The call will identify up to 15 teams of innovators that will then showcase their 3-6 Technology Readiness Level innovations to civil society organizations (CSOs) in a Demo Day in January 2022. Up to 7 teams will be selected to partner with Italian CSOs and integrate the use of their proposed innovative solutions into the CSOs’ projects.

Dealine: 8/11/2021

Innovators must either be African people or organizations working in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, or an Italian entity willing and ready to operate in those countries.

ICTworks Link:

Rights of minorities of faith and belief - Deadline (?) Amount (?)

  • Disbursement Requests  ?

Grants provided through civil society are intended to promote freedom of religion and belief, with particular emphasis on minorities of faith and belief. The support can include both targeted and inclusive interventions.

Submitted 2021

$635,000 for African Academic Research on Digital Inclusion, 31/8/2021

Connect2Recover Research Competition from the ITU seeks to identify promising research proposals that will accelerate digital inclusion during the global pandemic recovery and preparedness for the ‘new normal’ (and potential future pandemics). Fifteen (15) research grants worth $42,000 USD each will be awarded to winning research teams exploring digital inclusion opportunities.

Deadline: 31/8/2021

Link ICT: Link ITU:

The WorldClass Education Challenge, Deloite-Partnership, 20/06/2021

As part of Deloitte’s WorldClass ambition to support 100 million individuals to access a quality education, skills, and opportunities by 2030, Deloitte seeks to invest in and scale these approaches, side-by-side with the innovators who created them. Through the “WorldClass Education Challenge” Deloitte will invest up to US$1 million of their professionals’ time on a pro bono basis and financial grants to support education innovators.

Timeline: 12 May 2021 to 20 June 2021: open call for submissions 20 June to 30 July 2021: review and selection process August/September 2021: selected submissions will be announced Sept 2021 to Sept 2022: cohort program to scale and advance impact

Application link:

Closed 2021

$285,000 in Grant Funding for Digital Inclusion Solutions, 16/6/2021

The MIT Solve Digital Inclusion Challenge is looking for technology-based solutions that ensure everyone has access to the digital economy. Applicants can win up to $285,000 in prizes for solutions that advance inclusion, digital literacy, and economic opportunity, use innovative technology to improve quality of life for women and girls, and advance the economic, financial, and political inclusion of refugees. Deadline: 16/6/2021 ICT works link: Solve link:

$335,000 in Grant Funding for Your EduTech Solutions, 16/6/2021

MIT Solve Equitable Classrooms Challenge The MIT Solve Equitable Classrooms Challenge is looking for technology-based solutions that ensure all primary and secondary school learners have access to quality, safe, and equitable learning environments.

Applicants can win up to $335,000 in prizes for edutech solutions that make STEM education more accessible and equitable, use innovative technology to improve quality of life for women and girls, and advance the economic, financial, and political inclusion of refugees.

  • Deadline is June 16, 2021

Support community networks in the global south by APC, 30/4/2021

The Local Networks (LocNet) initiative announced its 2021 Grant Programme with an open call that will support proposals capable of bringing strategic contributions to the community networks (CN) movement.

Application deadline: 30/4/2021

Link to the grant:

€1,500,000 for Your Educational Technology Solutions, 30/7/2021

EdTech Call for Proposals from Wehubit progamme of Enabel, the Belgian development agency, intends to support education technologies and the continuity of education for all with grants of EUR 200,000 to EUR 350,000 from the European Union. With focus on: 1-Ensure continued access to basic service delivery of public education and training through digital solutions 2-Ensure inclusion of vulnerable groups 3-Ensure quality of learning 4- Ensure sustainability of digital solutions for education during and after the crisis

  • Applicants should offer existing digital educational technology solutions that have proven to be effective, and are ready to scale in one of the 14 following countries : Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda on a larger scale.


€2.7 Million West African Digital Agriculture Innovations Grants, 30/6/2021=

AGriDI Grants for Digital Innovations in West Africa will increase identification, adaptation, and use of agri-based digital technologies by farmers, especially women and youth. The grants will enhance agricultural production and marketing though strengthened linkages between research communities, industry, and policy actors, and improved policy environment.

Deadline: 30/6/2021 ICT works link: Application link:

$1,150,000 USAID Grant Funding for Digital Economy Solutions, 30/6/2021

This program will strengthen open, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems in emerging markets by supporting sustainable market growth for Internet Service Providers and digital financial services companies serving traditionally excluded consumer populations in emerging markets. USAID will contribute up to $1,150,000 to this program to develop two Global Development Alliances: Connectivity-focused GDA with up to $650,000 in grant funding that results in increased network access, affordability, and adoption in underserved areas Digital finance-focused GDA with up to $500,000 in grant funding that results in increased financial inclusion through improved products/services and targeted new customer acquisition.

ICT works link:

Application Link:

Deadline: 30/6/2021

$300,000 COVIDaction Vaccine Data Co-Lab, 14/6/2021

The COVIDaction Vaccine Data Co-Lab is a FCDO-led effort to close data gaps and advance equitable and speedy COVID-19 vaccine distribution in LMICs. You could be eligible for up to $300,000 USD for proposals that address vaccine data needs of MoH, NITAG, National Statistics Offices, local governments, or other relevant governments partners, with existing buy-in from a national-government partner.

Want to know more? Join the webinar on June 3rd at 2:30am UTC.

Deadline is June 14, 2021

ICT Link:


$550,000 Internet Access Grants in Latin America and Caribbean, 11/6/2021

The 2021 FRIDA Awards and Grants program will fund projects in three categories: Internet Stability and Security, Open and Free Internet and Internet Access. Organizations that should apply include mobile network operators, universities, research centers, government agencies, small companies, cooperatives, or civil associations based in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Deadline: 11/6/2021

Link to the call (ICT):

FRIDA Funding:

Free and open Internet:

Internet access:

Call for projects opens: Monday, 26 April 2021

Deadline for submitting project summaries: Friday, 11 June 2021 at 23:59 (UTC-3)

Announcement of shortlisted projects: Monday, 2 August 2021

Submission of detailed proposals for shortlisted projects: Tuesday, 3 August to Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Announcement of results: Monday, 20 September 2021

Building Resilience through Innovation in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, 30/5/2021

The Transform Fund Call for Innovation 2021 will focus entirely on supporting the IsDB (Islamic Development Bank) Member Countries response to recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic with the aim of building a stronger, more resilient, and prosperous future

Application deadline: 31/5/2021

Link to the call:

NORPART - Norwegian Partnership Programme for Global Academic Cooperation - 27/5/2021

NORPART shall enhance the quality of higher education in Norway and selected partner countries in the Global South through academic cooperation and mutual student mobility. The programme is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Application deadline: May 27, 2021 within 12:00 PM

EdTech Hub Call for Expressions of Interest for at-scale research - 11/4/21

This call solicits proposals of up to £750,000 for research in Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania ( multi-country studies are encouraged). Research should align with national education priorities in the relevant country(ies), be rigorous and of a quality to be published in high-impact academic journals, and include cost-effectiveness data that would make it suitable for inclusion in evidence summaries, such as future iterations of the Smart Buys paper.

  • fits well to our collaboration with Nordic edTech (Märt, Peter)
  • not this year

Resiliency & Emergency Response Grant Programme - 19/3/2021

Emergency Response The Emergency Response Programme provides funding to organizations working on projects that utilize the Internet to improve lives during or in response to an emergency situation. In 2021, the Foundation’s focus will be on projects that continue to respond to COVID-19 by connecting vulnerable and disproportionally affected communities to the Internet.

Programme Objectives Provide urgent support to produce lasting, positive outcomes in response to a regional or global emergency. Help ensure the success of existing Internet-based initiatives and/or help create new ones that encourage long-term resiliency. 2021 Focus: COVID-19

Increase Children’s and Adolescents’ Digital Skills and Understanding of Digital -17Mar2021

The purpose of this call is to increase children’s and adolescents’ digital skills and understanding of digital technology. Through these funds, they wish to enable children and adolescents to learn how digital content and services are developed and applied.

  • Deadline: 17 MAR 2021

Smart Agriculture Grants from Gates Foundation ( ICTforAg solutions ) -25Feb2021

The Smart Farming Innovations for Small-scale Producers Grand Challenge for Development from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seeks innovative digital solutions with potential to drive positive impact for smallholder farmer entrepreneurs. The agritech solutions delivered through bundled farmer services should be enabled by scalable digital and data platforms.

$1.5 Million

  • Deadline: February 25, 2021
  • ICT4Ag solutions should address one or more challenges facing small scale crop and livestock producer entrepreneurs in one or more areas of:

Agricultural advisory Farm management decision support Input supply Finance Insurance Market access and linkages

African Disinformation Technology Solutions - 28Feb2021

The US-Africa Tech Challenge invites technologists from across Africa to submit an application to present their solution against disinformation and propaganda to an audience of government, civil society, and private sector stakeholders.

  • Eight organizations will be chosen to demo their technology for 25 minutes each in April 2021 to a closed audience, followed by a question and answer session from a panel of judges.

Another event will take place on the margins of East Africa Com on 11-12 May 2021, one of the premier events for digital communications. Three organizations will be selected as winners of the Challenge and will receive funding totalling $250,000 USD.

Closed 2020

Global Giving

Deadline for application by October 16, 2020 to participate in the 2020 Giving Season

  • We weren't considered in this season, but rather will be considered for the coming season (in April)

Ekstraordinært Innovasjonstilskudd 2020

  • Som en del av regjeringens tiltak for å begrense skadevirkningene av koronautbruddet for norsk økonomi, har Innovasjon Norge fått økte rammer til innovasjonstilskudd rettet mot små og mellomstore bedrifter med vekstambisjoner
  • Tilskudd til innovasjonsprosjekter skal bidra til å styrke bedriftens konkurransekraft og utløse et potensial for bærekraftig vekst
  • Brenda i forbindelse med Induct vil kjøre søknaden som Induct vil sende videre til Innovasjon Norge
  • The point of departure skal være våre National Knowledge portal i forhold til Storting Melding 11. Access, Skills, Regulations and Inclusion
  • Fokus skal også være bærekraftigmål (Connecting schools and spread of information)
  • Identifisere potensiale av modelen for virksomhetene (F.eks. for Induct og BIF)
  • Status(Frist):Omgående

Innovasjonsprosjekt i næringslivet SØKNADSFRIST

  • Antatt tilgjengelige midler: Kr 1 500 000 000
  • Støttegrenser: Kr 2 000 000-16 000 000
  • Varighet: 24-48 måneder

UNICEF: COVID-19 Response - OPEN call - (after ISOC)

As part of the COVID-19 response, the DPG Alliance is committed to accelerating support to and scale up of digital solutions that support the prevention and response to COVID-19 and help young people and their communities continue learning and working.

The Alliance will prioritize technical and financial support for the deployment of Digital Public Goods in the following areas:

Foundational literacy and other learning resources and platforms Job skills Health Financial services and inclusion The Alliance can provide seed funding and support through the UNICEF Venture Fund for local companies and initiatives to look at future job skills, entrepreneurship, and fintech to prepare for the rebuilding after COVID-19. See for eligibility criteria and further details.

Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal Suggest to apply to the third theme with the centre for global health UiO "Community Health through Digital Global Health (DigiHealth)"

  • Deadline: 10/02/2021
  • Funding scaleNOK 4 000 000-12 000 000
  • Amount of funding presumed available for this call for proposals NOK 2 118 000 000
  • Project duration36-72 months
  • Contact for the call:

Youth leadership award CISCO

  • Josef: think it fits to Catherine

UNICEF Innovation - 20Dec2020 Application open for Child Online Safety Solutions The UNICEF Innovation Fund is currently looking to invest in companies that are using machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain or extended reality to address digital risks to children -

  • company only (start-up), Collaboration SRM (Sanjay)

Combating Modern Slavery Through Civil Society

- Norad invites civil society organisations to submit proposals for projects combating modern slavery for the period 2020/2021-2023.

  • See the full call in MFA/Norad’s Grants Portal.
  • The application deadline is 1 October 2020 at 13:00 CEST.
  • Norad aims to complete the assessment of applications in early 2021.

- General Information The call for proposals Combating Modern Slavery Through Civil Society is a component of Norway’s Development Programme to End Modern Slavery, which will be published shortly. The programme’s main objective is to reduce the prevalence and scope of modern slavery in selected partner countries and sectors and with three related outcomes (see below).

This aligns well with Sustainable Development Goal 8.7 to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking, and end child labour.

Norad Tender

It's a one year position for the consultant with possible extension with the budget excluding VAT: 3 500 000.00 NOK. 

Research Grant Programme

The Internet Society Foundation’s Research Programme supports global research collaborations that advance understanding of the Internet and its value for all.

Funding up to $200,000 for research lasting up to 2 years. Timeframe

  1. Statements of Interest accepted beginning 1 September 2020
  2. Full Proposal invitations on a rolling basis thereafter

Who can apply?

  • Independent researchers should have a postgraduate research degree (PhD, Masters) and publications/patents in the relevant area
  • Research institutions should be 501c3 or equivalent and should have a mission that is aligned to that of the Foundation

Areas of Focus

  1. Greening the Internet
  2. The Internet Economy

Future thematic areas to be launched in 2021 include The Digital Divide and A Trustworthy Internet.


  1. Independent researchers should have a postgraduate research degree (PhD, Masters) and publications/patents in the relevant area
  2. Research institutions should be 501c3 or equivalent and should have a mission that is aligned to that of the Foundation

Phase 1:

Challenging inequality

FORD Foundation opens for idea fund on a rolling basis.

Our idea: DigIWomen: Empowering women in refugee centres in Tanzania

Cooperation on Framework Conditions - 14Aug2020

Also on Strategic Partnership - 3 yr project: 10 mio NOK, 6yr project: 15-20 mio NOK

The grant scheme aims to stimulate to a business climate that promotes private sector development in the developing countries, including strategic partnerships with private enterprises and non-commercial organisations. strengthen higher education, Better qualified workforce, Applied sustainable solutions and practices, Evidence-based policies, Enhanced gender equality and inclusion Outcome a.o.: Improved institutional small-scale infrastructure, equipment for education+research Main focus: ICT for innovation & agriculture asked by Norad

  • Collaboration with Kenya on Agriculture (Sharon), and Iris Hub on Innovation and Job creation (Benjamin). Based on National Knowledge Portal (Annemijn)

SCILLS Grant Programme - 3July2020

 - Statements of Interest accepted: Week of 8 June to 3 July 2020
 - Initial pre-screen by Foundation staff: 6 July to 10 July 2020
 - Screened applicants invited to submit full proposals: 13 July to 21 August 2020
 - Independent Review Panel evaluation: 22 August to 4 September 2020
 - Decisions will be shared: Beginning September 7, 2020

Norhed - 26June2020 - Ghana/Ethiopia - directory 2020Norhed on owncloud

  • Maurice (FCI) & Christine Holst
  • Gerdi has performed an analysis
  • UiO will apply - digital health education involving minorities
  • Tanzania and Malawi (as part of shortlist), and suggest an East Africa Council (EAC) collaboration
  • Empowering Youth - Universities as Innovation hubs
  • See the full call in MFA/Norad’s Grants Portal (since 20 March 2020).
  • For a detailed outline of NORHED II, see Programme Document.
  • The application deadline is extended to Friday 26 June, 2020, at 13:00 CET.
  • big competition, two contributions to address Ethiopia and Ghana/Tanzania

ICT works - Health Security - 18Jun2020

  • 1.5 million USD
  • Evaluation result :22 Sep. 2020

ICT works - 1Jun2020 = Deadline: 31May2020 Grant funding and equity investment levels are:

  • New Ideas with Proof of Concept: US$50,000-100,000 Grants (could be suitable for us)
  • Capacity Building in Technology and Innovation: US$100,000-150,000 Grants (could be suitable for us)
  • Scaling Up of Innovative Projects: US$300,000 Equity Participation
  • Technology Commercialization: US$1,000,000 Equity Participation

GSMA innovation, 22May2020

  • Accessibility: Innovations which improve the accessibility and usability of handsets and mobile internet services for citizens who are unable to access them. This will not include accessibility to networks, electricity or IDs.
  • Affordability: Innovations which improve affordability of handsets and mobile internet services.
  • Digital skills: Innovations which focus on improving basic digital skills and confidence to use mobile internet.
  • Safety and security: Innovations which focus on improving safety and security of those who want to use mobile internet. This will not include tacking issues of data privacy and fraud.

School Connectivity in Ethiopia - 1Mar2020

  • Eye Networks - Adra Norway, IBA Ethiopia, BasicInternet,....
  • connecting 500 schools - 4.82 Million USD
  • Ministry of Education has asked for connecting 3500 secondary schools for a total of 35 Million USD
  • Desta (Africa Innovation Weeks) is organising with Norad and Innovation Norway for financing
  • open issues:
    • Adra Norway (Jonathan to lead) - most suitable
    • Norad funding (Kari Moe Jacobsen - education... )

Innovation Norway - Covid-19

  • 2 pager submitted - 27. or 28Apr2020 ("først man til mølla")

Skissen (maks to A4-sider) må gi informasjon om både bedrift og prosjekt, og bør inneholde:

  • Kort beskrivelse av bedriften, med nøkkeltall og kontaktinfo
  • Kort beskrivelse av prosjektet og hvordan dette kan hjelpe utviklingsland med å løse utfordringer innen helse i COVID-19-pandemien
  • I hvilken grad vil løsningen kunne bidra til å løse både kortsiktige og mer langsiktige problemer som oppstår som følge av pandemien

Marked (land) og målgruppe for løsningen

  • Samarbeidspartnere eller potensielle samarbeidspartnere
  • Hovedaktiviteter med tidslinje og kostnader i et eventuelt prosjekt

DFID - UK Frontier - Data collection - 9(18)May2020

NFR: Innovation Project in Business - ongoing - JOSEF/Brenda

Innovation Norway - business application/Induct - ongoing - Brenda

  • ongoing deadlines
  • send application within 10Jul2020
  • platform as the "innovation platform for fund rising"
  • connectivity, skills, regulations, and inclusion
  • National Knowledge Portal as interface for private/Public partnership (PPP)

Enterprise Development for Jobs - 8Oct2020 13:00h

Deadline is 8Oct2020 at 13:00 CET

Call for proposals 2020: Support for enterprise development in developing countries

Detailed information on fund amount, objectives, target groups, criteria, ...etc here NABA Webinar for potential applicants to the Enterprise Development for Jobs' call for proposals on the 3rd of Sept. @ 10:00

There will be another webinar for potential applicants within the renewable energy sector on the 3rd of Sept. @ 12:00, but they have published the wrong link to it.

Planned potential partners:

1. Solenergiklyngen (

Josef will contact Trine Kopstad Berentsen (Daglig leder i Solenergiklyngen) - no contact

2. Norwegian Energy Partners (

Brenda will contact Gulbrand Wangen (Director Special Projects Africa) - Gunn Vik promised to share with Norwep partners

ICT works - $270,000 IBM Funding for COVID-19 Digital Response- 31Jul.2020

ICT-58 - 17Jun2020

  • Invite ourselves as partner - International partnership building between European and African innovation hubs - ID: ICT-58-2020

ICT57-2020 - 17Jun2020

An empowering, inclusive Next Generation Internet - ID: ICT-57-2020

H2020 Supporting deployment of eHealth - 18Jun2020

  • Supporting deployment of eHealth in low and lower middle income countries in Africa for better health outcomes, Deadline date:18 June 2020

ID: SC1-HCC-09-2020

Pre-commercial Procurement for Digital Health and Care Solutions - 18Jun2020

ID: SC1-DTH-14-2020 Deadline: 18 June 2020

ISOC Foundation - 17May2020 - WISAM

  • with Joseph Bishi
  • Application opens between 5 -17 May 2020

This Foundation is targeting applications that accelerate and coordinate humanitarian response what is affordable and accessible by the Basic Internet Foundation concept of work.

The Norwegian Climate and Forest funding to civil society - 19May2020 - BRENDA

funding for civil society organisations - projects 2021-2025, 5yr project, above 20 mio NOK

  • 19May2020, 13h EST
  • Regnskogsfundet - (others who write a proposal...)
  • projects that contribute to goal: reversed and reduced loss of tropical forest contribute to a stable climate, protect biodiversity and enhance sustainable development. Project addresses population groups in developing countries that depend on tropical forests for subsistence, as well as all other population groups from these countries that will benefit from reduced greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. Indigenous peoples, local communities and environmental defenders .
  • Our topics: Information to indigenous people, local communities, environmental defenders

ResearchProject - InternationalDevelopment- 20 May2020- no submission

Focus: international development



  • Link Global Health and One Health - LANCET commission...

COVID-19 hasteutlysning: Innovasjonsprosjekt med privat-offentlig samarbeid (BIA-X) - 20May2020

not considered, as focus is in Norway

not submitted: COVID-19 video

  • not submitted - CovidInfo full call 31Mar2020 - outline 16March, see owncloud = 2020CovidInfo-NFR

Botnar - Phase 2: - DANICA

Phase 1: delivered 1: 14Apr2020 15:00h
Fit for the Future call: Foundation Botnar

  • 400 applications submitted
  • see owncloud = 2020Botnar-FitForFuture
  • Partners
    • Digital Skills Foundation (Annemijn) - course
    • Kortex - National Knowledge Portal
    • Basic Internet - connectivity
    • African Child - contacts and courses - "train the trainer"
    • Temeke network - 24 sites - >1000 students
    • MUHAS - Municipial contact, (Muhas, African Child: scale up to 5.000 students)
    • UiO - Digital Health
    • Content from MINDS (and upscaling) -

Youth Technology - 27Mar2020 - no submission :-(

Deadline is 27 March 2020

Horizon 2020 EU projects


-Horizon 2020, funding opportunities and those related to Covid19:

NATO Partnership for Peace - deadline? - DANICA

Multi-Year Projects, typical three-year projects are in the €150,000–€300,000 range. n/w

NATO Partnership for Peace

  • digititalisation - infodemics (see Kenya, Covid-19)

EU-Serbia - deadline? - DANICA

  • Serbia EU membership, status:

- maybe to enter in 2025? -In March 2012 Serbia was granted EU candidate status. In September 2013 a Stabilisation and Association AgreementSearch for available translations of the preceding link between the EU and Serbia entered into force. - EU framework, Horizon2020 universities, Science and tech calls are on.

Norec proposal

  • with Kenya and Uganda, Brenda develops
  • Proposal submitting on Wednesday (12Feb2020), still discussing if UiO is partner or just supporting
  • Brenda and AHERI to finalise the added requirements and send to Are on wednesday (29.april2020)


On a two weeks base, there be a routinely check for the published calls and proposals.

Other interest organisations

Technology og video


we finally solved the challenge of ordering. Thanks to and EyeNetworks we have a direct ordering process. Delivery to ITS@Kjeller, bill goes to EyeNetworks, and ITS will send order to EyeNetworks.


  • UiO has transport agreements - will test

Video production

Screenshot of Corona video by DHP-alliance

Corona video in two versions: Youtube

Strategy: DHP-alliance

How can we increase our footprint, and invite for partnership? -

  • last page "created by ...."
  • Logo og navn
  • want to join, visit....

Other organisations

  • no direct funding opportunity, but interesting partners such as Seniornett inside


see cards under:

Africa50 - BRENDA

Africa50 and Africa Innovation challenge, see

  • JOSEF has written a proposal to get us known
  • Focus is on business growth, not our connectivity
  • Brenda to contact Jonas Tesfu and Africa50
  • Deadline: 31. January 2020

Business partnership

Business partnership is based on share your Internet

  • Kathe develops the business package

Identify business of Basic Internet - KATHE

  • Need to buy connectivity: UNHCR, Red Cross, ...

Sustainable Business models for Access to Digital Public Goods

Paket with access to schools - funds required "we will provide as a loan".

Artur Sletteberg

  • Norfund, Funding (DK), DNB, ....
  • funding for people on the ground (small loans to people in villages....)

  • "reconsider", looks like a social dating site?
  • introduce an antenna?

Events & Publications

If you know where we are involved, create a meeting:

  • Internet Governance Forum in Nov2020 in Poland - Catherine has asked for a booth and a panel - concept note to be written
  • ITU Digital Transformation Centres - 11-13Feb2020 in Geneve - Invitation to Danica and Josef to give a presentation'. Danica will talk on digital literacy skills for the DTCs and Josef will talk about....?'

Book chapter